Activities For Your Ostara Celebration

The arrival of Ostara provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the return of the light half of the year. For our Ancestors that was pretty exciting stuff. It signified that they had survived the dark, cold months of the year. They had managed to stay warm enough. And they had successfully stretched their stores of food throughout the season of lack. The onset of the season of plenty had arrived. And they were all about getting out there and showing their reverence for the return of the Sun.

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Ostara ~The Spring Equinox

The Pagan holiday Ostara is all about hope, new growth, fertility, and potential 🌼🐰🥚

It marks the beginning of the spring season. The time when light and darkness are equal once again. All is in perfect balance. Masculine and feminine energies compliment each other with perfect harmony.

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Gaining a Step on the Ladder of Enlightenment

Growing spiritually is a very personalized experience. Each person navigates this process in their very own way.

It’s fun to think that a day will come when you realize that you’ve ‘arrived’. That you have finally reached the place where there is no more room for development. Just day after day of spiritual nirvana. Such a lovely thought ❤️

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Celebrate Imbolc ~ My 12 Favorite Activities

In this post I’m going to share a few ways you can celebrate Imbolc. 12 ways to be exact. These are my preferred Imbolc activities. They are all pretty basic. And I like that. No reason to get too complicated with that which should be fun. Life is busy enough!

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Imbolc ~ The Center Point of the Dark Half of the Year

It is a time when the seeds begin stirring within the earth in preparation for their spring birthing. And milk begins flowing to the teets and udders of cattle, so they can provide nourishment for their young. This is a time imbued with the promise of renewal. We can feel the life-force of Mama Earth stirring. Growing stronger and stronger.

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