A Witch And Her Salt

While the masses may take this mineral for granted …

Witches have not lost sight of its great merit!

In the world of magic, salt is associated with wealth, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. And it is regularly used to absorb negative energy and repel evil. All of these things make this mineral a go to ingredient when making amulets and witches bottles.

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Winter Prompts For Your Book Of Shadows

This winter, I have gathered a list of prompts to inspire me as I work on my book of shadows. I feel like having them readily available to me will help me stay on task with my inward journey. Some are directly related to my personal evolution and others do not seem to be. At least not right now. But somehow the Goddess always uses each and every one of them to foster my expansion. She is faithful like that 😉

I’d like to share them with all of you …

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Yule ~ The Winter Solstice

Yule, also known as the winter solstice, is on its way Witches ❤️🌲🌲❤️

It is the longest night and shortest day of the year. From this day forward to summer solstice, the Sun will linger a bit longer in the sky each day. Shedding His life-giving light over the land. Ever so slowly warming the frozen earth. And for that reason, one of the main focuses of our Yule festivities is the celebration of His return to power.

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Wormwood Wonderousness

It is in my magic that I use wormwood most often. She is a great ally for banishing spirits. And also to dispel negativity which has compiled in a room as a result of discordance and/or arguments.

She can be infused in oil and used to anoint yourself for protection prior to ritual work. This oil is pretty much an altar must-have. It also makes a lovely addition to that on-the-go magic kit you carry in your purse. 

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