A Witch And Her Salt

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Salt is no longer revered as it was in Days of Olde.

It is so easily harvested and readily available now that people don’t seem to have much, if any, appreciation for its value at all.

This amazing mineral, produced with love for us by our faithful Mama Earth, is actually necessary for our survival. A balance of fluids and salt is essential to the health of our heart, liver, and kidneys. And our body uses salt to maintain fluid levels as well.

In the Olde Days harvesting salt was both labor and time intensive. This, combined with the fact that it was key to food preservation, made it a very valuable asset.

It was even used as currency to pay Roman soldiers for their work.

But more impressive than that is the fact that it was considered a worthy offering for the Gods.

While the masses may take this mineral for granted …

Witches have not lost sight of its great merit!

In a Witches world, salt is associated with wealth, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. And it is regularly used to absorb negative energy and repel evil. These things make this mineral a go-to ingredient for creating amulets and witches bottles.

If all of this is still not enough to ignite your reverence for salt …

Here are a few more ways to use this priceless mineral for your consideration …

  • Cleanse any area by sprinkling salt around the perimeter, allowing it to sit for a bit to absorb the negative energy, sweeping it up, and discarding it.

  • Purify/cleanse yourself by taking a bath in salt water, or applying salt directly to your skin in the shower. You can mix it with oil to make the application more pleasant if you like. Feel free to use an oil which has been infused with herbs holding purification properties as well. As you drain your bath water or watch your shower water wash away, envision any negativity you were carrying disappearing down the drain.

  • Cleanse your home with salt. If you know that you will be gone for much of the day, or better yet, before you leave on vacation, pour a line of salt around the outside perimeter of your home. When you return be sure to remove this barrier first thing, as it will have absorbed all of the negative energy from the home. You definitely want to discard that s*** promptly.

  • Create a smudge spray by dissolving salt in water. Fill a clean spray bottle with water. Add 9 pinches of salt, speaking your intentions into the mix as you do. Shake until the salt is dissolved. Then use this magic infused ‘brew’ to smudge your space, just as you would if you were burning sage, etc …

  • Place salt in each corner of a room before you clean it. After you finish cleaning the room, vacuum the salt out of the corners. Taking the negative vibrations with it. Then promptly empty the vacuum chamber. I usually flush mine so that it does not remain in the house.

  • Casting a circle with salt creates a protective barrier around your magical working space.

  • Use salt in your magical workings to represent all things related to abundance.

  • Place a dish of salt on your altar as a representation of the earth element. Some prefer to use it to represent the water element, because it comes from the sea. Either way is effective. Go with the representation that resonates with you.

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And there you have it Witches!

At this point, you too should be convinced that this oh-so-common mineral holds immeasurable value.

Personally, I find that black salt is much more potent than plain forms of this mineral. I prefer to use it in my spells and rituals, for sure.

It is crazy easy to make. I will cover how to create your own black salt in next weeks blog post!


So …

Stay tuned 😉

For now, that about covers our convo on Witch’s and how they use salt …

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