Amethyst ~ Nature's Tranquilizer

Pick up a piece of amethyst for your collection  here .

Pick up a piece of amethyst for your collection here.

This stone has an enchanting legend about it's origin. And it goes like this ...

There was a  wine god, named Bacchus, who became angered by an insult. He unjustly sought atonement for this indignity by decreeing that the very next person he met would be viciously devoured by his tigers.

Much to his dismay, the next mortal he encountered was a beautiful maiden named Amethyst. Their paths crossed as she was on her way to worship the goddess Diana.

When Bacchus' tigers leapt at the lovely Amethyst, she sought Diana's protection. Diana came to her rescue and saved her by transforming her into a clear quartz crystal.

Bacchus was so sorry for his rash act of cruelty that he poured juice from his grapes over the crystallized maiden Amethyst as an offering of repentance. The rich colored juice imbued its lovely purple hue into the clear quartz form that was the maiden Amethyst. This created a stunning purple colored quartz crystal, forever more known as Amethyst.

Physical Healing Properties:


Use this stone to relieve the psychological struggles caused by OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Amethyst is particularly successful when working with children. It eliminates recurring nightmares and fear of darkness. It can also help to relieve the unpleasant feelings associated with homesickness.

This helpful little gem is perfect for reducing stress and tension caused by nerves, and for treating migraines.

Magical Properties:

Thinking of the legend of Bacchus and Amethyst shared with you at the start of this post, it is easy to see why this gem is ideal when casting spells that involve transformation.

Amethyst provides spiritual protection. It raises barriers against negative energies, and cleanses the aura of undesirable influences.

This stone opens the mind to embracing its rightful power as a creation of the Divine. It will prepare one to recognize and accept insight, wisdom, and guidance.

Zodiac Associations:

Amethyst is associated with the star signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Chakra Associations:

Amethyst is associated with the 7th chakra (the crown chakra).


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