Bloodstone - The Sun Stone

Bloodstone was originally known as Heliotrope. Its name came from the Greek helios, meaning “sun”, and trepein, “to attract”. It was believed that if this stone were placed in the path of the rays of the setting sun, it would turn the sun’s reflection blood-red.

I have not personally experienced this phenomenon. However, I have worked with this amazing stone, and it is my opinion that placing it in water which sits in direct sunlight greatly enhances its power.

Bloodstone can be worn as a talisman to bring health, respect, good fortune, riches, and long life.

Physical Healing Properties:

This gemstone has a history of organ detoxification and a connection to blood that dates all the way back to Mesopotamia, five thousand years ago.

It can be used to purify the liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines, spleen and blood.

It neutralizes and eliminates toxins from the body.

It can be used to enhance the function of all the blood-rich organs, regulate and stimulate blood flow, and aid circulation.

Use bloodstone when working with blood disorders; such as, anemia, tumors, acute infections, and leukemia. 

Magical Properties:

Magically bloodstone is used to control weather. It is used in rituals to avert lightning and conjure storms, particularly summoning rain.

It can be carried to protect one from bullies, both verbal and physical. It provides wisdom concerning whether or not the time is appropriate to withdraw from or confront your adversary. A small piece can be sewn into the clothing of children and teenagers to help them work their way through this type of situation.

Zodiac Associations:

Bloodstone is associated with the star sign Aries.

Chakra Associations:

Bloodstone is associated with the 1st chakra (the root chakra) and the 4th chakra (the heart chakra).


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