Carnelian ~ Stone of One Love

Pick up a piece of carnelian for your collection  here .

Pick up a piece of carnelian for your collection here.

This gorgeous little beauty promotes positive choices and inspires follow-through motivation, leading to success. It does this by releasing one from any negative conditioning they carry from their past, and strengthening their ability to stay steadfast in their pursuit of growth and balance.

It is the perfect stone for entrepreneurs, as it pushes them forward. It dispels procrastination and urges them to take the next necessary step. Consistently taking the next necessary step ultimately leads one to the fulfillment of their goals.

Use this stone to free yourself from mental lethargy and sharpen your concentration skills.

It can protect you from becoming unduly resentful or envious of others.


Physical Healing Properties:

Carnelian can be used to speed up the recovery process involved in healing skeletal system injuries.

It is effectively used to bring relief from the discomforts of rheumatism and arthritis.

It assists the body with vitamin and mineral absorption, which is much needed in this age of nutrient poor, processed food.

Use carnelian to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility levels.

Magical Properties:

This fiery stone is known to protect one from black magic. It can calm anger that has been caused by the working of this dark art.

Use her in your home to ward off damage from natural storms, attract good luck, and protect against enchantments of a dark nature.

This stone was used in the Olde Days as a protection amulet for the dead. Placed on their body to keep them safe as they journeyed from this life to the spirit realm.

Zodiac Associations:

Carnelian is associated with the star sign Virgo.

Chakra Associations:

Carnelian is associated with the 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra).


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