Wormwood Wonderousness

It is in my magic that I use wormwood most often. She is a great ally for banishing spirits. And also to dispel negativity which has compiled in a room as a result of discordance and/or arguments.

She can be infused in oil and used to anoint yourself for protection prior to ritual work. This oil is pretty much an altar must-have. It also makes a lovely addition to that on-the-go magic kit you carry in your purse. 

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Mugwort ~ The Old Man

This fabulous herb is said to release our wild untamed selves. AND who doesn't want that? ;) Best to keep some of this amazing little wonder around!

In the 9th century she was commonly used to cast out demonic possession. I don't doubt that she would work for this purpose. However, I do think there were a bit too many 'demonic possession diagnosis' being made at that time :( 'Nough said!

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Damiana ~ The Love Herb

In Germany they say this herb 'relieves excess mental activity and nervous debility'. Some say she can be used to shut down the 'chatter-box' that lives within your head. I say she stops 'running-thoughts'. No matter how you put it, damiana works wonders with the mind. Because of this amazing trait, she is often used as part of an herbal smoke blend to help people free themselves from nicotine addiction. I used her myself in this regard and she worked beautifully.

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Mullein Marvelousness

Mullein is a plant that has been naturalized throughout the globe. Her native territory, however, is the Old World (Europe).

She likes disturbed soil, and is particularly fond of slopes.

In her first year she produces a rosette of soft, velvet like leaves which lie close to the ground. Year two brings about a tall, sturdy flower stalk jutting up from the center of that lovely little rosette. With that, her life cycle comes to an end.

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