Crystal Cleansing 101


Okay Tribe!

Let’s talk crystal cleansing …

I have been called to work more closely with my crystal healing stones in recent months. I have quite a nice little collection and I am rather familiar with their magic. BUT, as in many areas of my magical life, I have marched forward in my relationship with them without following many of the ‘rules’.

Oh, I’ve cleansed them. I’ve charged them. I’ve used them in spells. I’ve given and received them in the most magical of ways.

I don’t always cleanse them, charge them, or use them ‘as suggested’ by those who are much more advanced in this craft than I.

AND I’m okay with that!

I don’t believe it is 100% necessary all of the time.

I do believe that my Inner Spirit will prompt me to ‘take action’ if it is needed. Thereby protecting me from any negative influences trying to enter my little slice of the world.

So, I feel assured that I am engaging in a safe, effective, and fun (don’t forget fun, so important) magical practice. No shame here!

STILL I would like to fine-tune my physical actions in this area, because I know it will foster a more intense mental focus. Resulting in more potent magic.

Participating in the rituals used for crystal magic fine-tunes our thought processes, which sharpens our focus, which adds power to our intentions, thereby magnifying our spell-casting efficacy.


I’ve started the process of getting my crystal magic in order by creating an electronic file containing a photo and ID of each crystal. Now I no longer have a bunch of these little beauties floating around unidentified.

If you’ll tolerate my bragging for a minute (LOL), I’d like to say that after collecting crystals for over a decade, I was still able to recall the name of darn near every one of them.

The only ones I could not identify were from my latest haul at a crystal shop I visited while on vacation. In my defense, I bought almost $100 worth of crystals and while one was $5, all of the others were $3 and under. Some considerably under. Resulting in a reasonably large amount of these little gems to recall and identify. AND, I had not previously heard of several of them.

So I say ~ GO ME! My memory skills aren’t looking too shabby for a Crone 😉

I have those I couldn’t identify set aside for a trip to the local crystal shop. NO worries I’ll get those babies figured out!

Now that I know what I have and can start learning their properties and get a feel for the energy of ones I haven’t worked with before …


The next logical step for me is to spend an afternoon doing a cleansing ritual on each and every one of these helpful little allies.

I want them to be free of any juju they may be carrying around which I have not intentionally placed there. And also from any they picked up just sitting in the many spaces I have drug them off to over the years. A few of these little ones have never been cleansed. They could still be carrying energy from where they were harvested and their subsequent travel to their place of sale. Ugh! Imagine that! Who knows what kind of energy they may harbor!

Time to get my little ones a good thorough cleaning <3

While I already know quite a bit about cleansing crystals, I decided to take a look around the web and see what else I might find.

I found some very interesting suggestions …

One post instructed me to immerse my crystals in brown rice or bury them in sand or soil. I suppose these are great ideas but can’t get my mind wrapped around a metaphysical explanation for them. So, I’ll pass.

Another post suggested using sound to cleanse crystals. One clarified even further by recommending a Tibetan singing bowl. I actually like that one a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Tibetan singing bowl. Nor will I be purchasing one in the near future. Simply not feeling called. I may engage in this cleansing practice in the future. It is not the right method for me right now.

Sunlight was suggested. I also like this one a lot. I feel like sunlight and moonlight both cleanse and charge but carry two very different energies. I can see where sunlight would be quite useful with its fiery, regal, ruling energy. BUT the sun rarely shines in the little town I live in, and when it does the space I have for cleansing is inadequate for this practice. There’s too much shade. Their sunbath would be profoundly limited.

Intention and breath & visualization are also viable options I suppose. But this Witch has a preconceived notion of these practices. They are meant for charging stones. Cleansing is different work. Unlike the dual purpose of moonlight and sunlight.

It’s a warp in my mind. I’m sure of it. Still, I like it that way. And I do believe I’ll keep it that way. You are free to roam about unwarped on this subject if you choose, LOL!

Salt. Maybe not good for many stones? I’m not sure.

Pendulum. I don’t even really get this one. Enlighten me in the comments if you do. Please. Really. Help. I’m in the dark on this one 😉

Smoke. Smudge with sage (I say feel free to use any herb you are led to use, don’t limit yourself to sage). I assume the person who wrote smoke meant the smoke from smudging. Maybe not. No matter. I like the smudging idea. I’ve used it to cleanse magical items. It works well. Still, not what I’m looking for at this time. A tool for the arsenal, YES!

Passing through candlelight. Love this one as well. To be used in the future.

Using other crystals. You know placing the crystal to be cleansed in a bag with a crystal that cleanses. Do that often. Also place crystals which need to be cleansed on top of cleansing crystals often. This is a no-brainer practice, and in my humble opinion everyone working with crystals should be doing it. It’s just sensible. I personally don’t put a great deal of thought into it. If I feel led while I’m sitting at my altar, I simply ‘move two crystals in together’. Done. Carnelian, clear quartz, amethyst, and selenite are all fabulous cleansers. You can use any one of them equally as well. I lean toward selenite.

Perhaps another warp in my brain? Don’t know. Keeping it! 😉


Moonlight is another no-brainer for me. My crystals often live outside on full moon nights. The selenite does not venture out. She doesn’t need to because she doesn’t need to be cleansed. But that’s not the reason I bring it up. I still put her on the windowsill indoors. Just because I like her to soak up the good moonlight juju. I bring it up because she would melt if she got wet. Even a little morning dew could harm her. There are other crystals which are not fond of water as well, so please know what you’re putting out there.

You can’t just go exposing any stone you want in water. Although the great majority are safe.

With that said …

Water is by far my favorite means of stone cleansing. You can just place your stones in a water- safe vessel and soak them overnight if you like. I do this occasionally. I particularly like to soak them in ocean water. I live close to the ocean, so the water is readily available to me. It provides a good thorough cleanse and is a conveniently hands-off sort of practice. If you are not near a salt water body, you can add sea salt to your water. It may seem like a ‘second best’ option but the magic is about you and not the method. ALWAYS remember that! YOU have the power.

When I lived in a land locked state, I used to purchase a Celtic sea salt from an online supplier. It was completely unrefined. It was still moist and contained tiny bits of sea weed. I loved it as a substitute for water harvested directly from the ocean. But I would definitely have used sea salt purchased at the grocery store if that was all that was available to me.

Seek the purist supplies. BUT still work with what you have. It’s a good plan!

My favorite way to use water to cleanse my crystals is to hold them under running water. I will often use the faucet for this task. Especially when I am cleansing one or two crystals to be used right away. I have been known to take them to a local waterfall when I have time to hike. This, of course, is SO much better. But simply cannot be done on a regular basis.

Another great option for using running water is to place your crystals in a net style bag (light cloth will do) and let them sit in a stream or river overnight. Just be certain that your bag is heavy enough. Otherwise if an unexpected current kicks up, you will be sending your precious stones downstream ☹ Weight the bag. Be safe.

And then there is my favorite way to cleanse crystals with water.

Rain. Put those babies outside in the rain and let Nature handle the cleansing process for you. She is eager to help and the work She does is superior to anything we humans can muster up.

All you have to do is ask Her! She’s actually waiting for you to ask Her!

Finally, if you know that there is a lightning storm brewing ~ Take FULL advantage! Don’t miss out!

Lightning is a powerful cleanser. A MAGNIFICENTLY POWERFUL CLEANSER.

Combine its power with that of rain and thunder and you’ve got a real magical powerhouse <3


I’m going to get a mass cleanse done on the next full moon. It is my plan to put my magical babies out to soak in a vessel of harvested salt water under the rays of my good friend the moon.

This is the method which will be easiest for me to achieve at this time. So this is the route I’m traveling.

It feels good to finally start getting my crystal magic ‘in order’ …

I would love your feedback on the methods I’ve shared …

AND please do share any others you may know …

I’m eager to learn them!

Happy cleansing to all of you my lovely Ancient Allies Tribe members …

Let's get together in the comments 😉

AND ...

Travel with me on this journey we call life ...

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May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days!

Bountiful Blessings ~ Diane