Crystal Elixirs 101

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I was first introduced to crystal elixirs about 15 years ago.

I didn’t know much about healing stones back then. I knew people believed there were ‘rocks’ which held healing powers. And I was no more convinced that they did, than I was that they didn’t. As far as I was concerned the jury was out on that one.

My son, who was in his early teens at the time, was having trouble sleeping at night.

A friend from work stopped by my house one day with a piece of moonstone. He told me to fill a glass with water, drop in the stone, and set it on a windowsill each morning. Then, in the evening when my son, Charlie, was ready for bed have him drink the water..

I went with it. More out of curiosity than belief.

After just a few days time, my son proclaimed the ‘experiment’ a success!

I thought he was being easily influenced. You know, following the leader. As teenagers sometimes do. He was quite a fan of my friend. I thought he may just want to believe in the same things as this man who he looked up to.

So I tried it for myself.

It did seem to improve my sleep. True story!

Still, this event didn’t spark the start of my crystal elixir making obsession. That didn’t happen for another 9 of 10 years. Now I ‘brew’ these helpful little allies on the regular.

I’m not sure why I waited to get started …

But now, I can’t imagine life without healing stone elixirs. They are sooooooooo easy to incorporate into my daily routine. And they have a profound effect on how I feel. For sure. 100% 😉

Don’t be confused by the many names people use to reference them; crystal waters, crystal elixirs, crystal tonics, gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics. And probably several others I’m just not able to conjure to the front of my mind right now.

These ahhhhhhmazing healing ‘brews’ are so incredibly simple to make. There are two basic methods commonly used to prepare them. One is the direct method and the other is the indirect method. Which method you use depends largely on what stone you are using.

I use the direct method whenever I can, as it is my preferred means of preparation. When ‘brewing’ an elixir using this method the crystal is placed directly in the water you are using. Because of this you must be certain that the crystal you choose is not water soluble. In other words, you don’t want to use a crystal that is going to melt. And you also need to know that it doesn’t carry any potentially harmful properties that will transfer to your water, thereby making your elixir harmful, or even poisonous.

Taking the time to research the crystal you plan to use for an elixir is pretty damn important Witches! Trust me!

If you find one you are particularly drawn to and are just dying to use, but it cannot be placed directly in your brew …

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Don’t fret!

You can always use …

You guessed it …

The indirect method!

This method places a barrier between the stone and the water you are infusing it to. A canning jar is perfect for this task. Simply fill the jar with water, screw the lid on top, and place your healing crystal on top of the lid.

As with all healing/magical practices it is the energetic action of placing your intention in the tools you are using that ultimately results in success.

In this case your tools are your water and your healing crystal. So, no matter, which method you are using, take a few moments to infuse them with the intentions you want your final product to possess.

I almost always make my elixirs for consumption. I like sipping on them throughout my day.

However, I do often make elixirs to be used as body and/or room sprays as well.

I am particularly fond of rose quartz elixirs. They carry such a warm and loving spirit. I spray them on myself and my bulldogge on the regular. I plan to get my son hooked on them soon 😉

I also use elixirs around the house. Often randomly. But I particularly like to use them after I get done clearing a space. AND for quick fixes between clearings ❤️ 😉 ❤️

If you’re new to the elixir making practice, and would like a few ideas to help you get started …

Here is a list of simple elixirs that I make quite often …


  • Moonstone ~ Great for sleep. As evidenced by the testimony above 🌜

  • Amethyst ~ Reduces stress and supports the skin ☮️

  • Rose Quartz ~ Creates a warm, loving, and nurturing environment, with an overall gentle vibe ❤️

  • Clear Quartz ~ Increases energy and stamina. Also, works well with any other crystal to boost it’s purpose 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

  • Carnelian ~ Promotes a healthy libido 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  • Jade ~ Detoxification aid 🥛


  • Malachite ~ Regulates blood pressure and supports immune system 🤒

  • Selenite ~ Cleanses and purifies your body and/or your environment 🕯️

  • Lepidolite ~ Encourages balance and inner serenity 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️

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I always use a clear vessel to brew my elixirs in. That way I can place it in either sunlight or moonlight, thereby adding the energy of that celestial being to the mix!

When making elixirs for consumption, I tend to favor the use of bottled water. You will find that most information out there recommends this as well. However, I have successfully used tap water in the past. And I really find no problem with it.

If you have a well with good water it may even be preferred. Energetically, I don’t think bottled water trumps good, fresh water straight from Mama Earth!

When I prepare body sprays I almost always use tap water. If you plan to have the spray hanging around for awhile you should use distilled water. My sprays are gone pretty quickly so I don’t bother to go distilled. And again, I believe that the energetics of distilled water are not as high vibrating as water coming straight from the Earth.

If you have gotten to know me at all, it won’t surprise you that I also break the rules when making crystal infused room sprays. Distilled is generally recommended for these as well. I like to use water that I’ve collected from an outdoor source. Obviously, this source has to be pretty clean and odor free.

Soooooooooo …

Make sure the water you collect doesn’t smell funky. You know like fishy or something. YUCK!

Here in my new home I will likely collect water from the river that runs through town. At least until I am able to locate a local spring. Springs are ideal for making elixirs. In the opinion of this Witch, that is!

If you want to prepare elixirs for long term storage and use that is another method entirely. I will cover that in another post. For that method you will need to use distilled water. For sure. No cheating 😉

But for now …

Let's get together in the comments so you can share what this little post taught you about crystal elixirs. And also what you have to teach me about crystal elixirs 😉

I do love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

AND I truly feel that when one Ancient Allies Witch shares ALL Ancient Allies Witches benefit ❤️😉❤️

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May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days, Witches!

And May Bountiful Blessings Be Yours ~ Diane