Damiana ~ The Love Herb


In Germany they say this herb 'relieves excess mental activity and nervous debility'. Some say she can be used to shut down the 'chatter-box' that lives within your head. I say she stops 'running-thoughts'. No matter how you put it, damiana works wonders with the mind. Because of this amazing trait, she is often used as part of an herbal smoke blend to help people free themselves from nicotine addiction. I used her myself in this regard and she worked beautifully.

Her prominent effect on the psyche can work wonders when dealing with depression as well. She promotes a sense of well-being and brings a mild emotional uplift. Drink her lovely nectar 3 or 4 times a week to experience a general mood swing in the right direction.

Drinking her herbal goodness 3 or 4 times weekly also helps with menstrual cramps and improves overall health.

Note that the effects damiana has on mental function are more easily recognizable when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or angry. They are always present, but you will notice her promotion of mental well-being more readily when you are in a negative state. If you are in a place of stability and peace her mild euphoria can very easily go undetected.

Her botanical name is Turnera diffusa.

Her common name, damiana, comes from the Old Greek words daman or damia; meaning 'to subdue or tame'. It is the feminine version of Damian which suggests that she is the wild one 'who tames'.

It is the dried leaves of this plant that are used in herbal preparations.

She has been classified as a national treasure in Mexico. It is prohibited to export her from this country. They must really like having her around! You will too ;)


She was pretty extensively used by the ancient Aztecs. In the Baja region of Mexico a liqueur is produced which uses damiana for flavoring. The bottle this beverage is marketed in is shaped like a pregnant woman. It is modeled after the Incan goddess of fertility.

This liqueur is often given to couples as a wedding gift to promote fertility in their union. And considering the potent aphrodisiac effect damiana has on both sexes, it makes quite the fitting gift!

This effect also explains her use in tantric rituals and sex magick.

You can soak in a bath infused with her loveliness when you are seeking to attract new love. She will be happy to aid you in your pursuit. And you can encourage the return of a lost lover by sprinkling a damiana tincture on your doorstep for 21 consecutive days. Start this spell on the night of the full moon for maximum potency.

She makes a great ritual ally. She is known to increase the energy of other herbs and her mild euphoria helps amp your own energy when journeying or doing spellwork.


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