Emerald ~ Stone of Successful Love

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This gorgeous stone has been used to bring bliss and contentment to relationships for ages. It opens and nurtures the heart allowing it to embrace unity and compassion. It encourages unconditional love.

This stone has a wonderful way of calming ones emotions yet still allowing them to explore their thoughts, reflect on the events shaping an interaction, and analyze their own philosophies concerning the nuances of a relationship. It is through these qualities that it fosters balance in relationships, thereby ensuring their success.

While this helpful gem is a superior tool for solidifying, encouraging, and balancing relationships, it is also an amazing ally when dealing with the heaviness of a broken heart. It has a way of assisting one in gaining the emotional strength needed to overcome the severance of relational ties.

Use this stone to revive passion in any area of your life. Be it a relationship, a job, or a hobby.

Emerald helps one to relax into the fact that the abundant and faithful Universe we live in always provides for our every need. There is no lack. We have exactly what we need, when we need it, without fail.

Use emerald to enhance memory and increase mental clarity. It will increase intelligence while raising awareness. This combination has the useful effect of promoting discernment. A quality which serves us well in our every day lives.

Physical Healing Properties:

Emerald is used to combat aging. It can even be used to revitalize tired organs.

It is particularly useful for issues concerning the eyes. Make an eye bath of emerald water and gently bath your eyes in it to improve eyesight, alleviate infection, or simply soothe tired eyes at the end of a long day. This can be very helpful for those who write, do intricate work with their hands, or look at a computer screen all day.

Gift a piece of this lovely stone to those who are recovering from an infectious illness to speed up their recovery.

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Magickal Properties:

“As above, So below” is a basic tenet in the world of magick. It is said that Hermes, a 1st century Egyptian magician carved these very words onto an emerald tablet because he considered it to be a stone which connected the cosmic and earthly realms. It then follows that this stone clears and strengthens the connection of man and the Divine.

Hold a piece of this magnificent gem in your hands for 5-10 minutes a day to increase the power and frequency of your visionary insight. Use it to activate dormant psychic abilities and open the paths of clairvoyance.

It is a great tool for increasing both focus and intent. Making it perfect for spellwork!

This stone is long believed to be an aid in foretelling future events. So keep a piece with you when you are working divination magick. If you sit down to work with your crystal ball, your runes, your tarot cards, your scrying mirror, or your pendulum bring a piece of emerald with you 😉

Zodiac Associations:

Emerald is linked to the star sign of Taurus, Gemini, and Aries.

Chakra Associations:

Emerald is associated with the 4th chakra (the heart chakra).



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