Fluorite ~ The Rainbow Keeper

Pick up a piece of fluorite for your collection  here.

Pick up a piece of fluorite for your collection here.

Fluorite is one of the very best stones for cleansing the electromagnetic field. Without giving it much thought at all, I can name three healers who have nice big chunks of fluorite sitting next to their computers. It works. Do yourself a favor and pick a piece up 😉

 I keep a small stone on my nightstand next to my phone as well.

She balances both physical and mental energy. Thereby, keeping you free of physical, mental, and emotional apathy.

Her primary means of accomplishing this work is through the stabilization of the aura. She has an affinity for the aura and absorbs and neutralizes energies which are negatively affecting it.

The fluorite stone LOVES structure and organization. Carry Her with you and you will soon find that your life becomes much more proficient. You will be the woman who 'gets things done'. AND you will do it in the most efficient way. 

OR gift one of these incredibly beautiful stones to someone who needs more structure at home, or more organization at work. Perhaps to your local scout leader, high school coach, or township supervisor. You get the idea 😉


When choosing healing crystals for arthritis and rheumatism be sure to include fluorite. It supports the skeletal system quite magnificently

It is useful for bone tissue support, dental health, and all nerve-related pain.

The healing properties of fluorite also include the ability to restructure and regenerate cells. This makes it a perfect choice when working with ulcers, wounds, skin issues, and the respiratory tract.

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Fluorite healing stones carry properties which are invaluable for the magical practitioner. She will make one aware of any hostile forces surrounding them. Exposing energies that oppose you. As well as those attempting to mentally manipulate you.

AND you can call on Her to shut these negative energies down. Rendering them useless.

That pretty much makes Her a 'witches bestie' ❤️😉❤️

She promotes psychic wellness; good for craft workers. Spiritual development; good for craft workers. And she keeps emotions from flaring in the face of unexpected events; so good for craft workers. After all, no one benefits from witches who are running around all emotionally willy-nilly, LOL!


Fluorite is associated with the star signs Capricorn and Pisces.


Fluorite is assoicated with the 4th chakra (the heart chakra), the 5th chakra (the throat chakra), and the 6th chakra (the third eye chakra). 


You can pick up a piece of this amazing healing crystal for your collection right on the Ancient Allies Shop


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