Gaining a Step on the Ladder of Enlightenment

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Growing spiritually is a very personalized experience. Each person navigates this process in their very own way.

It’s fun to think that a day will come when you realize that you’ve ‘arrived’. That you have finally reached the place where there is no more room for development. Just day after day of spiritual nirvana. Such a lovely thought ❤️


Pretty damn unrealistic, nonetheless.

We are here to grow. To change. To EVOLVE!

The effort it takes to get from one step on the spiritual ladder to the next can seem daunting at times. Although, as we climb higher, it does get easier. Sort of.

The inner work is deeper and therefore tougher for sure. But we tend to learn to trust the process more. So we fight it less. Thereby reducing the level of resistance we have to deal with. Making it a bit more pleasant 😉

If we stay focused on the euphoria we are certain to experience at the very moment that both of our feet find themselves planted firmly on the next rung of the ladder, the climb doesn’t seem so formidable.

Just recently I was fortunate enough to experience this feeling. Lucky me!

There had been a sort of spiritual restrainment going on in my life for some time. I assume we all experience this phenomenon every now and again.

For me, the experience goes something like this …

There is something not quite right. Something is askew. It’s not fearful. It’s not even troublesome really. It’s just a little off. AND I couldn’t put a finger on what it is if I tried. Honestly, I just don’t try anymore.

I simply stay focused on the positive as much as I can. And I push through each day.

It feels like the air around me is thick. Like everything is an effort.

But it’s okay


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Experience has taught me that it will clear. And when it does it usually happens swiftly. In the blink of an eye, if you will!

Like, one minute I am clearing my path forward with a machete, and the next the air surrounding me is light. Kind of playful even. I have a mental image of the Goddess smiling warmly at me, as She forcefully releases one long breath of wind my way. Clearing ALL of the muck and mire from around me.

This is usually always accompanied by a spiritual ‘eureka’. The procurement of a priceless little tidbit of timeless knowledge that inevitably changes the way I see the world forever more.

In other words, it moves me another rung up the ladder of enlightenment.

I’m curious to know if you share these types of experiences with me. I really am!

Please take a moment and let me know Witches.

Are your experiences the same as this? Similar? Completely different?

I do love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

AND I truly feel that when one Ancient Allies Witch shares ALL Ancient Allies Witches benefit ❤️😉❤️ 

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May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days, Witches!

And May Bountiful Blessings Be Yours ~ Diane (The Ancient Allies Witch)