Hagstones ~ A Witch's Treasure


The hagstone is known by many names. It is referred to as; holed stone, Odin stone, crick stone, fairy stone, witch’s amulet, holey stone, wish stone, nightmare stone, and witch riding stone.

You will know a hagstone when you see it, as it will have a hole (or holes) all the way through it. The hole is eroded into the stone by water. This erosion is a natural and lengthy process. Because of the long duration of the completion of this process, hagstones are believed to carry the wisdom of the ages.

They possess both healing and magical powers. Yet, they are not subject to the influence of magic, as magic has no power over water and She is their creator. Therefore, they carry Her power. This quality makes hagstones a perfect choice for deflecting negative energy.

They can be worn around the neck, carried in a pocket, or placed in a charm bag, and attached to any part of the body or clothing.

They perform their protective magic anywhere they are placed. Hang them over your bed to prevent negative dreams. Hang them by windows or doorways to keep negative energy from entering your home or place of business. Protect your furry friends by hanging a hagstone over their bed. They can even be used at the entrance way of a stable or on the bow of a boat. The options are seemingly endless. If the situation calls for protection or negative energy deflection, you can certainly call on the hagstone to assist you 😉

These amazing little gifts of Nature also make really terrific allies when working magic. They are especially useful for harnessing the power of the full moon. I wish I could say that I spend every full moon performing full rituals, but that is simply not the case. More often than I would like, time does not allow for this luxury. It is on those nights that I carry my hagstone with me and perform some quick ‘pop magic’ on the run.  Give it a try. You’ll find it’s a very useful tool.

Simply hold your hagstone up to the moon, gaze through the hole in your stone until you see our gorgeous and powerful Bella Luna, and whisper your desires with innate confidence that they will come to pass. The culmination of your desire, with the power of Bella Luna and your hagstone, creates a compelling force. This force is certainly powerful enough to manifest your desires/needs.

Medieval witches used the power of three, a significant number for them, in their hagstone magic. They would take a stone with at least three hag holes in it and pass a small pebble through the holes in patterns of three. With each passing they spoke their intent. Again, very powerful magic.


You can increase the power of this magic by replacing the pebble with a cord in a color which corresponds to your desire. Use white to incite infinite potential. Pink for love and red for passion. Use black to prompt the 'beginning of the end' of something you wish to eradicate from your life. Every color carries power. Pass the cord through the hag hole three times, then thread it through the hole and use it as an amulet. Hang it in a place which seems appropriate for the spell you have cast. Or hang it above your altar as an enchanted reminder of your desire.

Caring for your hagstones couldn’t be easier. They can be cleansed and charged in the same manner as healing crystals. Do be sure to care for them routinely as they will then be better equipped to serve you.

If you want to receive good, wholesome, positive magic from these stones, they must come to you by good, wholesome, positive means. If you are lucky enough to find one, that is pretty darn fabulous. Otherwise, your stone must be given to you, but only by someone whose love for you is of the purest nature.

I am fortunate enough to have two small hagstones which I found myself. I love them a great deal and they have served me well. My large, two-holed piece was found for me by my son. He knew I had been looking for a large piece for some time, and discovered it one day while we were walking the beach. A very special moment indeed 😉

They are quite hard to find and being fortunate enough to have more than one is a notable blessing. If you are using a hagstone amulet in a particular area to work it’s magic, and you have more than one amulet, by all means hang them together. Many believe that their power is magnified when they are grouped together. I tend to agree. At the very least, I am certain it won’t hurt 😉

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