Hematite ~ A Stone for the Mind

Pick up a piece of hematite for your collection  here .

Pick up a piece of hematite for your collection here.

Hematite is most commonly used for grounding energy.

Carry this precious little beauty in your pocket when you visit your local crystal shop, to keep you centered while among so many powerful energies.

It also makes a great protection grid (of the simplest kind) for your home/property. Just place a piece in each of the four corners and in no time you will see great results.

This stone is particularly adept at organizing one's mental processes. This is the reason behind the descriptive phrase it carries; 'Stone of the Mind'.

It is helpful when working with mathematical and scientific information. And it promotes logical thinking.



This stone can be successfully used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and nervous disorders.

It is great for achieving spinal alignment and healing broken bones.

Hematite promotes stability, courage, and confidence.

Use it to help yourself/others to exercise willpower and to learn the inter-relational art of reliability.


Hematite allows one to have a profound influence over others.

It is a stone often used by workers of magic when performing exorcism.

This gorgeous gem has long been associated with psychic awareness and astral travel.

It also works well for scrying. To use it for this purpose, settle before a piece of hematite in a dark room. Light a red candle and allow it's flame to reflect off the hematite. Visualize your question(s) and remain open to receiving an answer. It will come.


Hematite is associated with the star signs Aries and Aquarius.


Hematite is associated with the 1st chakra (the root chakra). 


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