Keep it Sexy, Witches

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There are 4 things that make any human sexier …

AND good news, Witches, these 4 things should be basic no-brainers for you!

They are lifestyle elements that align perfectly with magical practices. It would be my guess that most Witches are already incorporating them into their lives. Or at the very least, they are aware that they should be.

If you are able to proclaim yourself as one who has already begun to follow these practices … YOU GO YOU AHHHHHHHMAZING WITCH YOU!

And if you’re not …

Well then let’s get started on that, shall we? 😉 


    People who are grateful shine. Like. I mean. They literally shine. Their hair. Their skin. Their eyes. And their overall disposition.

    The practice of gratitude may not always come naturally, but it can be cultivated. So, if you are not currently inclined toward this state of mind, you can get there. Trust me. You can!

    And if ‘shining’ isn’t enough reason for you to want to work your way into a perpetual state of gratitude …

    Consider the metaphysical benefits of gratitude. When you exist in this state you will draw positive manifestations to your life. Both physical and non-physical manifestations. ALL POSITIVE!

    It’s pretty easy to get gratitude flowing in your life. You can start by taking a few minutes, several times a day and reflecting on things you appreciate in your life. Perhaps recite them out loud, as the spoken word carries a bit more power than mere thoughts alone.

    AND don’t you dare try to tell me that you have nothing to be grateful for. I’m gonna call you out on that one. It’s just not true!

    You can be grateful for the most fundamental things, like; the sun, the moon, and the stars.

    You can be grateful that you have the gift of hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch. You can even be grateful that you remembered to work on cultivating gratitude today.

    Start wherever you have to. But start.

    Grateful Witches are Sexy Witches!


    This is a hard one for some people. I would even go so far as to say this is a hard one for MOST people.

    But I assure you I have met people who follow this practice. I, personally, am still working on it. And that’s OK. I AM working on it.

    There are things in this world that we disagree with. There are things that rub us the wrong way. Like. Seriously get under our skin. And there are things that are just plain wrong. Even unjust, unfair, and completely unacceptable.

    But the only way any of these things can gain momentum in our lives is through the negative attention that we give it. They grow, like all things, because of the focus we place on them. Often, they are the things we fear. Fear is a master at manifesting unwanted people, places, and things.

    So …

    Do your very best to exist in a state of pure love. 24/7. Thereby, making your very existence a barrier to undesirable manifestation.

    You can do this by diverting your attention away from things you find unlovable and toward things you are madly in love with.

    If something you don’t want tries to inch its way into your reality, divert your attention to something that you are readily able to love with abandon.

    This is not naivete. And doing this does not make you a Pollyanna.

    This is actually a proactive behavior that will cause the unwelcome to abate and the desirable to prosper in your life.

    Loving Witches are Sexy Witches!


    Balance is paramount. Nothing in this world exists without a counterpart to balance it. There is no light without darkness. There is no right without wrong. There is no passion without apathy.

    Accepting this in the world around us can be difficult. I have never met a person that possesses the ability to do so who has not acquired it through active cultivation. They may be out there. But I have not come across them.

    Acceding to the fact that we, as living beings, carry not only good, wholesome qualities, but their counterparts as well, is even more difficult.

    Yet …

    that is exactly what we should strive to do.

    When you are able to accept the inevitable ‘two sides of the coin’ to all things, including your own being, you will more often reside in a state of peace. You will not be easily riled by the ‘other side’. You will even exude a sense of calm which causes peace and serenity to flow to you and those around you. 

    Balanced Witches are Sexy Witches!


    Let’s face it Witches, each of us has our own idea of what this life we’re living is all about. We have our own boundaries concerning right and wrong. We have our own beliefs about the origin of humankind. We have our own notions of what spirituality looks like. And we have come to our own conclusions of just exactly how a good human lives.

    In other words …

    We each have our own personal truths.

    AND it is definitely better to keep your focus on your own personal truths, than it is to dabble in critiquing or molding the truths of others.

    Spend your energy on fine tuning your behaviors and beliefs to align with your personal truths, and the Universe will cause the path to your personal utopia to open wide and embrace you.

    You will spend your days, your weeks, your years enjoying a life that is specifically tailored to meet all of your needs. And, better yet, one that generates all of your desires. Above and beyond even your wildest dreams.

    You will quickly find your higher purpose and eagerly commit to expanding it.

    And it is a little bit more than likely that you will inspire those around you to do the same.

    Purposeful Witches are Sexy Witches!

    There they are Witches …

    4 basic elements to being the sexiest, most irresistible version of a Witch that your unlimited imagination can conjure up.

    >>> Intentionally perpetuate gratitude.

    >>> Love with wild abandon.

    >>> Allow balance to exist without resistance.

    >>> And remain steadfast in the pursuit of a life comprised of your very own personal truths.

    Then …

    And only then

    Will you find yourself living the sexiest damn version of a Witch you have ever envisioned 😉 

    That sums up the basics behind the sexiness of the Witch …

    Keep it racy my lovely Ancient Allies Witches

    Let's get together in the comments so you can share what this little post taught you about being a sexy Witch. And also what you have to teach me about being a sexy Witch 😉

    I do love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

    AND I truly feel that when one Ancient Allies Witch shares ALL Ancient Allies Witches benefit ❤️😉❤️ 

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    May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days, Witches!

    And May Bountiful Blessings Be Yours ~ Diane