Litha ~ Summer Solstice

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The wildflowers are flaunting their glory. The sun is at its peak for the present turn of the wheel. The bees are buzzing about shamelessly; indulging in the abundance of nectar available to them at this time. AND the hottest days of the year are upon us; swimming holes will be full, bbq's will be underway, and late night, outdoor festivities will abound.


Litha is the turn of the wheel that marks the celebration of the summer solstice. 

It is one of my favorite pagan holidays. Although, I'm pretty sure that I have said that about each of the pagan holidays at some point. I simply love acknowledging and participating in the change of the seasons 😉

Litha is observed on June 21st, and it is the wheels longest day and its shortest night. The upcoming days will grow hotter and the nights will grow cooler. Crops will ripen for picking throughout this season; reaching full fruition under the rays of the Litha sun.

Still, we must remember that this turn of the wheel begins our journey into the waning half of the year. From this point through December 21st the nights will grow longer. Darkness is returning.

Its encroachment on our daylight hours reminds us to revel in each and every ray of sun that comes our way throughout this season. 

There are flower crowns to be made. Late night fires to be built. Wildflowers to be picked. Honey cakes to be eaten. And outdoor picnics to be enjoyed.

In other words, it is time to frolic in the sun.

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Traditionally, summer solstice was celebrated by staying up all night on Litha eve and watching the sun rise; observing Her entrance into this special day so clearly designed by Nature to honor Her.

Bonfires were built to honor Her fullness, and ashes from them were scattered throughout the growing fields to secure a bountiful harvest.

Mead was considered a divine solar drink. And was generously indulged in on this day. It was believed to carry many magical and life-restoring properties. So, the spirits flowed freely. And toasts to Father Sun's generosity were made for the bountiful amenities He provides us with each and every day.

Romance and love were another major theme of Litha. The summer season does seem to be perfectly designed for lovers. True? Yes. True.

The themes of Litha past are still very much a part of modern day Litha celebrations.

How will I be celebrating Litha this year?

I will light a candle just after I open my eyes in the morn to acknowledge my respect and gratitude for Father Sun on His special day. This candle will burn throughout the day; reminding me of His faithfulness every time my eyes fall upon it. I will choose either yellow or orange as its color. Appropriate, for sure.

Yellow, orange, red, and gold are my preferred colors for Litha. You will find information stating that all colors are suitable for Litha celebrations. BUT I like to stick with colors that I feel are closely aligned with the Sun. Let us not forget ... It is HIS DAY ❤️☀️❤️

There will be wildflower picking that will commence in crown making. Yay!

I am hoping that I will find a sunflower to purchase. This will depend completely on the wishes of Mama Earth. I will be on the lookout. It will be up to Her to provide. If She does, there will be roasting of sunflower seeds for sure.

Litha rituals are often held at 12:00 pm when the Sun is at His peak. This will be true of mine. 

I will be holding my ritual on the beach this year. There will be a fire. In days gone by, fires were built on this holiday because they were believed to strengthen the Sun. I will build a fire to provide my Father Sun with sustenance. Fortunately for me, He is a Father of reciprocity. Therefore, He will provide me with continued sustenance in return.

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After my Litha ritual is complete, I will head to the park where I can find a sunny spot to picnic. There will be a healthy, vibrant lunch comprised of foods that are very much alive for mine and my families dining pleasure. Think raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds 😉

This picnic will conclude with an offering for the plant devas, fairies, and forest spirits. I will make honey cakes for this purpose. It is said they love honey. So, it makes good sense to please them, since I am seeking their favor throughout this season.

I may even have a bite or two of honey cake myself. I avoid sugar. Like really avoid it. But, I suppose I could have just a nibble with my other-world friends. It feels like the right thing to do! When in Rome and all that!

The remainder of my day will be spent simply savoring the presence of Father Sun. Feeling His touch on my skin. Observing the vibrancy of His handiwork all around me. And noting the warmth He brings to everything He touches.

As the day closes, I will watch His setting. I will extinguish the candle I lit to honor Him upon His rising as He retreats below the horizon.

And that my lovely, powerful Tribe is how I intend to celebrate summer solstice. 

Will you be celebrating Litha this year?

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