Magnesium Spray & I Are Having A Love Affair


I have entered into a love relationship with magnesium spray. It is crazy easy to make. It is inexpensive. AND, most importantly, it is changing the way I feel! For the better. Of course.

Why do I need magnesium to feel better you ask?

Well ...

For starters ...

Much of the soil in which our food is grown is mineral-deficient. Industrial farming is in large part responsible for this condition. This industry is not nearly as concerned with the overall health of the people it claims to serve as it is with the bottom line profit margin of its products.

That's just big business folks!

It is not how they portray themselves. But in this bloggers opinion, it is surely how they have proven themselves to be. They over-farm land, do not maintain proper crop rotation, and use an exorbitant amount of pesticides.

The negative effects of these practices show up in our diet. Obviously. We are consuming the products they produce and they are quite low in mineral content, magnesium included! Their predecessors were not like this. They provided us with abundant minerals and nutrients!

Another culprit which contributes to mineral depletion in our bodies is the modern-lifestyle. We are struggling to survive in a world which pushes our limits financially, emotionally, and physically. The excess stress that this places on us is a major contributor to many adverse health conditions. Mineral depletion is among them.

Lack of sleep, along with caffeine, sugar, and alcohol also play a part in robbing our bodies of much needed minerals.

And then just to slather some icing on the cake ...

We filter a great deal of the water we consume, and this process not only pulls contaminants from this necessary beverage, but removes useful minerals as well.

So ...

The average modern-day human (that's me and you) needs to seek out ways to put minerals back in their bodies. Growing our own food and paying particular attention to the soil we use is a great way to start. If you are able ... Get to it! If you are not able ... find someone who is employing healthful, organic growing techniques and buy as much of your food from them as possible.

Work on reducing your stress, getting the proper sleep, and removing mineral depleting foods from your diet.

And make and use magnesium spray. It is a great way to get this essential mineral (magnesium) back into our bodies ...

Every cell in our body needs magnesium. Yes, every cell!

This mineral is essential for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health. It assists with the reduction of muscle cramping and soreness. It promotes healthy sleep patterns; helping with both falling asleep and achieving a deep, rejuvenating sleep. All good things!

There are blog posts all over the net on making magnesium oil sprays. (Why is everyone calling it an 'oil' spray?!? Hmmmmmm!) The posts I have read recommend using magnesium chloride (MC) to make your spray.


I choose to use epsom salts when I make mine. They are comprised of magnesium sulfate (MS).

Why did I choose to 'go against the grain' ...

Because while both MS and MC are capable of entering the body through the skin (transdermally bio-available), there is more than that to consider.

MS provides 10% transdermal bio-availability, while MC provides 12%. BUT it also supplies the body with sulfate, which is known to build brain tissue and promote production of digestive enzymes. Both of these things are rather important!

I just made my first batch of spray about a week ago. So I haven't been using it long enough to adequately report on how it is effecting my stress levels or my sleep patterns.

BUT I can tell you this ...

I recently went back to working long hard days on my 'well-used', 52 year old legs (it's not easy, not at all), and the MS spray has truly been a big deal in relieving my leg pain.

I've been taking a shower before bed, and spraying my legs with it while my pores are still open and eagerly absorb the minerals. When it dries it leaves a fine white dust on my skin. So I sit for a bit with my legs resting on a towel and read. 10 - 15 minutes is plenty of time. Then I take a bit of organic grapeseed oil and rub it between my palms to warm it. I slather that all over my legs mixing it with the MS residue and allow that to soak into my skin for a bit. This works really well because human skin rapidly assimilates grapeseed oil. The MS is carried into my system via the grapeseed oil absorption. 😘

I find that there is a marked difference in the way I feel in the morning, when I have done this the night before, as compared to how I feel when I do not.

It REALLY is helping!

And it is just so simple to do! Like very, very simple!

So grab yourself some epsom salts, distilled water, a funnel, a saucepan, and a pretty spray bottle and make yourself some of this amazing 'herbal' ally! You will be so glad you did!

All you have to do is boil a bit of the distilled water and mix the epsom salts in until they dissolve. Use equal parts water and salt. I started with 1 cup distilled water and 1 cup epsom salts.

Let the mixture cool. Then use the funnel to pour it into the bottle.

Spray this on your arms, legs, and tummy daily.

Give it a try Tribe!

And then meet me in the comments and let me know how it worked out for you 😉

AND ...

Join me on this journey we call life ...

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May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days!

Bountiful Blessings ~ Diane