Obsidian ~ The Stone of Truth

Pick up a piece of black obsidian for your collection  here .

Pick up a piece of black obsidian for your collection here.

This stone carries an especially powerful energy. It has the ability to reveal hidden truths concerning the people and circumstances around you. But perhaps most important, it will show you your own truth. The one you hide even from yourself. The positive side of this is that it not only reveals truths but it empowers you to work toward living within them. AND it orchestrates all of this pretty effortlessly.

Use obsidian to free yourself from mental stress, and the physical tensions caused by it. It accomplishes this task quite effectively by increasing clarity and reducing confusion. It is also quite adept at releasing negativity caused by the common stressors of day to day living.

If you have unhealthy negative attachments that you simply can't seem to break away from, this gem will set you free.

Obsidian is born out of quickly cooled volcanic lava, giving it the power of all four elements; fire, earth, air, and water. This makes it an outstanding stone for alchemists.

Physical Healing Properties:

This stone is a great aid when working with joint pain, particularly arthritis.

It improves circulation and aids in treating hardening of the arteries.

Use this lovely stone to ease pain, stop bleeding, and reduce tension.

Perhaps the greatest gift that obsidian offers for physical healing is that of unveiling the root cause of ailments. This quality is priceless.


Magical Properties:

Thin slices of this gorgeous volcanic glass have been used for scrying and meditation for centuries.

This stone grounds spiritual forces bringing them under the direction of the conscious mind.

Obsidian is used in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders and strengthen the gift of prophesy. It is a very protective stone, effective at warding off negative energies. This makes it a superb ally when doing shamanic work.

Zodiac Associations:

Obsidian is associated with the star signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Chakra Associations:

Obsidian is associated with the 1st chakra (the root chakra) and the 6th chakra ( the third eye chakra).


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