Ostara ~The Spring Equinox

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The Pagan holiday Ostara is all about hope, new growth, fertility, and potential 🌼🐰🥚

It marks the beginning of the spring season. The time when light and darkness are equal once again. All is in perfect balance. Masculine and feminine energies compliment each other with perfect harmony.

You may hear people refer to this holiday as the spring equinox. And this year (2019), in the northern hemisphere it will be celebrated, on March 20th.

Father Sun Is Victorious

From this day forward the Sun will grow stronger. He has defeated the dark half of the year, and it is His time to reign. He will begin His annual task of bathing the earth in a plush, vibrant shade of green once again. He will warm the seeds, which rest within the soil, causing new life to burst forth. Soon there will be blankets of beautifully colored wildflowers. Mountainsides covered in gorgeous green foliage. Critters of all types emerging from their winter havens and skittering about. And, to the delight of most of us human creatures, the birds will be heard chirping all around us. Proclaiming their joy, over Father Sun’s return to reign, with their lovely melodies 🐦

Focus On An Action Plan

It is time for us to consider the status of the intentions we set at Imbolc. We can now approach them in more of a hands on way. We planted them. We dreamed over them. Now, we develop an action plan to bring them to fruition.

The energy of this season is expansive. And it lends itself perfectly to the procurement of abundance. Develop your plan and work it throughout the spring and summer seasons. You are now preparing for your fall harvest. And you want it to be bountiful.

Mama Nature gives us the tool of exuberance, often referred to as ‘spring fever’, to assist us in this work. It is in the air all around us. Use it to your advantage, Witches! It is there to serve you 🌼😉🌼

Plant Seeds If You Can?

If you research this pagan celebration, you will find that almost every resource you come across refers to it as a time to plant seeds. Hmmmmmmm! Not anywhere that I have ever lived. If you are fortunate enough to live in an environment where this can be done, by all means, go at it! Tis the season, Witches!


If, like myself, your area is not conducive to this practice then find another way to participate in the tradition. You can surely plant some seeds indoors. Perhaps there are plants you would like to put in your garden which require an early indoor start. Or maybe you can start an indoor herb garden. You can also start a few plants indoors by working with shoots. It counts! The idea is to find a way to interact with a green beings life cycle!


While you’re planting seeds, sow a few in your own life. Seeds of hope. Seeds of change. Seeds of prosperity, growth, and abundance. ‘Plant your seeds’ and watch them grow 🌱🌿😉🌿🌱

Work Spells Of Harmony & Balance

Spellworkings for Ostara should be focused on creating/promoting harmony and balance in the areas of career, relationships, and love. The magic that is brought to us at this time is perfectly suited for this work. And spells designed to procure it are kind of a no fail!

So… Focus your spellwork in these areas and then sit tight. Perhaps choose spells that you know will take a bit of time to ‘work themselves out’. Remember, you are sowing seeds in the Spirit of Ostara magic. And the bounty of the Ostara planting is reaped in harvest season. You may see them come to pass before that time. BUT if you don’t see the fruits of your labor until one of the 3 harvest celebrations grows closer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, or Samhain, don’t fret! It’s coming😉

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Symbols For Ostara

Two of the symbols associated with Ostara are the hare and the egg.

The hare is believed to be a symbol of rebirth. In Days of Olde it was thought that this creature died each evening with the rising of the moon. Only to be reborn again in the morning. Making it a perpetual symbol of rebirth.

Additionally, the hare is able to conceive when it is already with young. This trait makes it a perfect representation of fertility. And fertility is a main theme of this turn of the wheel.

The egg, along with all seeds, was believed to contain ‘ALL potential’. Our Ancestors believed that it held the FULL promise of new life. Also making it an amazing representation of fertility.

One of the ways that the egg was used in the observance of Ostara was to collect them and paint them in colors matching the eggs of local, wild birds. Sound familiar?!?! They were then placed in baskets woven from straw, meant to represent a ‘nest’. These egg filled nests were gifted to friends and neighbors to be used as a talisman of good luck and prosperity.

The gifted eggs were not displayed in the home, as was the case with many other talisman gifts associated with Pagan holidays. Instead, they became part of a ritual ceremony. Where they were eaten and their shells were then buried in the crop fields. This was done to call in the blessings of fertility to that years crops.

Assurance Of Another Turn Of The Wheel

The arrival of Ostara was a pretty big deal for our Ancestors. The food stores they had put up in the previous fall were almost completely diminished. The appearance of this turn of the wheel assured them that they had survived the dark, cold months, and would now walk forth into the regeneration of life being brought by the return of the Sun. The times of subsisting on dried fruits and vegetables, and cured and salted meats had passed. The opportunity to hunt fresh meat was abundant. Herbs and young plants were just about ready to burst forth. New food supplies were coming and they were much needed.

Fire Has A Part In The Celebration

Fire held an especially significant place in the Ostara observance. As it represents the Sun, and this is a celebration of His victory over the darkness.

Bonfires were lit on hilltops in His honor. Wheels fashioned from straw and branches were built upon those hilltops as well. With the rising of Father Sun on this special day, they were lit on fire and rolled down the hills into the fields below. The image of the flaming wheel rolling its way through the crop fields was the perfect representation of the return of the Sun’s warmth to the fields. He would now begin His work of thawing the Earth allowing our Ancestors to begin their work of plowing and planting their crops.

A piece of the charred remnants of the Sun wheel was taken home, where it was placed by the hearth. There it served as a talisman of protection against fire and lightning. The ashes from these wheels of fire were spread throughout the fields to protect them from the damage of thunder storms.

Witchy Tip: Make black salt from your Ostara fire for protection, Witches!

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