Activities For Your Ostara Celebration

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The arrival of Ostara provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the return of the light half of the year. For our Ancestors that was pretty exciting stuff. It signified that they had survived the dark, cold months of the year. They had managed to stay warm enough. And they had successfully stretched their stores of food throughout the season of lack.

The onset of the season of plenty had arrived. And they were all about getting out there and showing their reverence for the return of the Sun.

For most of us this season is viewed through a different lens. We have year round supply of all our needs pretty much at our fingertips. Yet, it is good for the soul to recognize and honor the cycle of the seasons.

So …

In an effort to pay homage to the wheel of the year I present you with a few ideas to consider as you plan your Ostara festivities. These are some of my favorite activities for this observance. I do hope they become some of yours ❤️😉❤️


I think we can all agree that a big part of being a Witch is communing with Nature. I mean that’s what it’s all about right. Being in tune with the rhythms of the Universe. Listening to the voice of Mama Earth. Connecting to the power of Creation. And then using that connection to create your own personal world.

So it naturally follows that a Nature walk is a really great way to celebrate each of the turnings of the wheel. Get out there, Witches! Even if it is only for 15 minutes. Get out there!

If you only have a few minutes you may want to leave the camera behind. Spend your time the way a Witch likes to spend their time. Simply ‘being’ with Mama Earth. But if you can manage to schedule more time than that, you should take your camera with you. Shoot a few pics of something that whispers Ostara to your soul. And then upload them to a file on your computer designated just for this lovely holiday. Make a file for each Pagan holiday and in no time you will have documented some very meaningful turn of the wheel moments. You can look back on them as part of your future holiday celebrations. Ponder them. Recall the messages they brought you. And be inspired by them 😉


Ostara is an equinox. Meaning that the light of the day and the dark of the night are sharing equal time on our planet this day. There are only 2 days each year that this occurs; Ostara and Mabon. And this ahhhhhmazing balance of power creates the ideal atmosphere for casting spells related to harmony and balance.

Soooooo … CAST THOSE SPELLS! Take a look at any imbalances that exist in the areas of career, love, and relationships in your life and work your magic. Spells of this nature are pretty much a no fail at this time ❤️🔮❤️

Witchy Tip: Plant a seed to grow with your spell. Then as you care for this little baby you are reminded to thank the Universe for working on your behalf. Oh my how gratitude magnifies spellwork. Oh my!

Another Witchy Tip: Look back on your notes/journals from Imbolc to help you recall the plans you set intentions for at that time. This will provide you with some direction for your work. As we were ‘dreaming’ of the spring energies at that time ✨❤️✨

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If you are able to build a nice little fire (or a great big bonfire) outdoors you should go for it! This activity is meant to honor the victory that our Father Sun has won over the dark half of the year. Remember that as you watch the flames. Look for the Spirits who join your celebration to reveal themselves to you in them. Enjoy the warmth of the fire on your skin and consider that it is a perfect representation of the work that the Sun is about to embark on. He will tirelessly, day by day, warm the surface of the Earth to create an environment suitable for bringing forth new life.

If you are not able to build a fire outdoors then consider building one inside. Cauldrons are perfect for this task. But if you don’t have one don’t let that keep you from participating. Find a heat safe container and get to work. Collect some plant debris and twigs from outdoors (you may want to do this a few days before the holiday so they will be nice and dry) and build yourself a mini fire right in your container. Again, meditate over the flames and feel the warmth on your hands recognizing the dynamics of the season as you do.

Another way to bring fire into your ritual is to build a Sun wheel in reminiscence of those our Ancestors built. Fashion a wheel shaped piece from twigs and straw. Then take it to a safe outdoor space and set it aflame. If you have a garden you may want to roll it through that space after it is lit to signify the warmth of the Sun returning to the Earth.

And last but far from least … Gather some snow and melt it over a fire. This can be done over an outdoor fire, in a cauldron or heat safe container with a tealight underneath, or simply on your stove in a saucepan. Again consider the magic of the regeneration of this season as you watch the flame transform the snow to water.


Ostara is the time to plant seeds?!?! 🤔 I’ve never lived in a place where the weather is warm enough to plant outdoors at this time of year. If you do … Get to it! How lucky for you! If, like me, you do not … There are still ways to participate in the seed planting tradition of the holiday.

You can plant seedlings indoors to get a jump start on your garden. Particularly for plants which may need a bit more of a growing season than your area provides. You can also grow some early harvest veggies indoors pretty successfully if you have the room. Think things like lettuce and peas 😉 Or if you are inclined to making healthy smoothies you can start yourself an indoor crop of wheat grass. SO GOOD FOR YOU!

Another ‘seed-planting’ activity that I adore is sprouting! Sprouts are just plain good for you, Witches! And taking care of our temple is a BIG part of the Craft. Besides they are incredibly easy to grow. They require a very small initial investment. And once you’ve grown a few and indulged in their goodness you will for sure be hooked. Promise! There is plenty of info out there on growing these nourishing little lovelies. So hop on the sprout train this Ostara 🌿😉🌿

And finally, if you want an activity that is still delightfully fun but requires much less effort than the aforementioned seed-planting options than make yourself some seed bombs! You will find all the info you need to make them online as well. And they are the perfect activity to engage in with children. With the added bonus of providing yet another activity to do together when it is time to head on out and ‘bomb’ the neighborhood! Go ahead and make a big batch to share with family, friends, and neighbors. They’ll love it! And so will you!

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Eggs have held a place in the traditions of the spring equinox for a very long time. Let’s keep the customs surrounding them alive and thriving for the Pagans of the future! They really are the perfect symbol for this turn of the wheel. As they are believed to hold the promise of ALL new life ❤️🥚❤️

Our Ancestors made natural dyes and colored them to emulate the multi-colored eggs found in the nests throughout the wild. This is still such an enjoyable activity. And another great one to do with young people. Even teenagers will find themselves more engaged when they can make their own dyes. All of a sudden, the task becomes much more ‘grown up’. Voila. Just like that. Note: Google has endless info on this process. In this case … Google is your friend 😉

Once you’ve produced a few dozen or so of vibrantly colored eggs place them in little baskets. It’s especially nice to fashion little handmade nests for them out of twigs and straw. Then gift them to others as a talisman of good luck and prosperity. They will hold a special significance because you crafted the dye and the nests yourself. AND you can spread blessing among others regardless of their faith. It isn’t necessary to ‘inform’ them of the Pagan roots of your work. Simply shower good luck and prosperity on them through your intent and remain silent. Our greatest works often go unspoken ❤️

Holding an egg hunt with your magical little egg creations is fun too! Kids adore this activity. But don’t underestimate the value of an old-fashioned egg hunt amongst adults. It may be more entertaining than you would imagine.

Once all of the eggs have been hunted and retrieved, make a ritual of the consumption of them. Sit down together and peel them. Then have everyone take their first bite together while focusing on thoughts of prosperity to come throughout the season. When you’re done eating them bury the shells. In your garden if you have one. Or anywhere on your property will do. If you have an outdoor altar that is a fabulous place to bury them. And if none of these options are available to you then simply bury them in a pot of dirt indoors. Conundrum solved!


An outdoor altar is a truly ahhhhmazing magical space. One of my favorites for sure. And, in the humble opinion of this Witch, if you are a Pagan and are able to have such a space you should not be without one. Without it you miss out on the presence of some pretty powerful magic in your life!

You can put your space anywhere that works for you. I am partial to placing it in the corner of my property. And even more inclined to choose a corner which ‘overlooks’ the rest of the space when I can.

For Ostara it is nice to place items on your altar that reflect the Spirit of the season. Things like flowers and seeds. Or maybe hang some plastic or wooden eggs from a tree there. If there is no tree place them in a basket. If you have a little statue of a hare this is a great place for it to live at this time of year as well 🌼🌿🥚🐰

Use this magical space to offer up sacrifices to the Nature Spirits who reside on your property. Honey cakes are a great choice for this and are especially nice because you can work the magic of your intent into them as you bake them. But flowers, seeds, candles, crystals and such are fabulous options as well. AND Nature Spirits can be particularly fond of liquor and tobacco. Just sayin’ 😉 Showing your reverence for these mostly unseen entities can change the energy of your space very quickly. Once you’ve done it you’ll be quick to keep it up!

I have sometimes found myself without an outdoor space to practice this kind of magic in. But that didn’t stop me. There are alternatives. There are always alternatives. Make a window box and leave space in the center of it for an altar, rather than packing it full of plants. If you are able to hang it on a window ledge outdoors great. If not place it somewhere else outside. Or place it indoors if that is your only option. As a matter of fact you can place it indoors if you like whether you have other options or not!

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Do a thorough space-clearing ritual to remove any residual energy which remains in your home from the dark half of the year. This energy is not necessarily negative. But it’s season has come to a close and it is time to make room for the energy of the light half of the year to move in and set up residency in your space.

Check the weather for the days surrounding Ostara and set out to gather yourself some rain water. Imbue this water with fresh flowers, herbs, or crystals. Or simply place the water alone in a spray bottle. Use it throughout the season any time you feel you need to regenerate the Ostara energy within your home. You can use it on yourself too, Witches. It’s pretty powerful stuff 💦💧💦

Work with herbs. Use them in your magic. Make handmade remedies with them. Use them in your art. Use them in your kitchen witchery. Actively research a few new ways to bring them into your life and then put that info into action 🌿🌿🌿

Burn flower scented oils in your diffusers to fill your home with the sweet scent of spring 💐💐💐

Make hot cross buns (again google is your friend on this one 😉). These are a symbol of good will and friendship. And they are made and shared to ensure that those feelings will last throughout the coming year. It is tradition for two people to kiss before they break a bun in half and share it while reciting the following phrase, “Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall a good will be”. That’s just plain fun, Witches!


Gather branches from outdoors. Perhaps on that nature walk you took 😉 And then sit together and glue artificial flowers on them. Do this as a representation of the work that Father Sun and Mama Earth are about to begin as they replenish the world around us with fresh new life. Then place them in a vase and put them somewhere in your home to remind you of the magic of the Ostara season!

Let’s Grow Together

Let’s meet in the comments and grow together …

It would be great to hear your plans for Ostara. I’d love to know how you celebrate. I really would!

AND I truly feel that when one Ancient Allies Witch shares ALL Ancient Allies Witches benefit ❤️😉❤️ 

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May good fortune chase you throughout ALL of your days, Witches!

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