Pyrite ~ Fool's Gold


Pick up a piece of pyrite for your collection  here .

Pick up a piece of pyrite for your collection here.

Deep within pyrite there lies a hidden fire. A fire which longs to burn for you. It waits patiently to be released into your life and purge negativity from your midst. To boost your productivity and fine-tune your focus. 

Striking this crystal on metal or stone will release this fire. This quality is particularly useful when working magic 😉


This stone is quite adept at increasing physical strength and stamina. I found it to be a great ally when I was returning to hard physical labor after more than a year long break, and a significant decline in my physical health.

Carrying pyrite helped me to persevere through physically demanding work days. AND pushed me to remain active in the evening, when I needed just a bit more 'steam' to get myself to the gym where I could stretch and replenish my body. I found that in a short period of time I was in better health than I had been in for a very long time.

She provides the body with nourishing energy. This property serves to support ideal health and all around well-being. Incredibly enough pyrite is often beneficial in situations where it appears that no solution exists. If I found myself in such a place, I would choose Her over all other metaphysical stones.

The start of any holistic treatment program is to discover the underlying cause of disease in the body. Pyrite healing crystals are expert at revealing just that 😉

Use this crystal to increase oxygen supply to the blood. And to strengthen both the respiratory and circulatory systems.



Known as fool's gold, this stone was often mistaken for gold by miners due to Her appearance. Indeed, She does look like gold! But alas, She is not.

Still, She is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. This makes Her an excellent ally for your office or work space. I like to use Her in the kitchen. We are quite choosy about the quality of our food. Pyrite healing crystals placed in our kitchen help keep us on track with that ongoing goal.

Pyrite provides one with the determination to take on challenges, and the persistence and commitment to see them through. She fills a space with energy and optimism, pushing out all 'bad vibes' and 'gloomy juju'.

She has an uncanny ability to help one see beyond facades. She will expediently expose the reality of a situation to you.

Make a talisman from this amazing stone and wear it to draw earth energy into the body. She will then cause this energy to be emitted from the body into the aura, where it will produce a defense shield. This will serve to deflect negative energy, protect against environmental pollution, shield one from emotional attacks, and prevent physical harm.


Pyrite is associated with the star sign Leo.


Pyrite is associated with the 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra) and the 3rd chakra (the solar plexus chakra).


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