Pyrite ~ Fool's Gold

Deep within pyrite there lies a hidden fire. A fire which longs to burn for you. It waits patiently to be released into your life and purge negativity from your midst. To boost your productivity and fine-tune your focus. 

Striking this crystal on metal or stone will release this fire. This quality is particularly useful when working magic 😉

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Obsidian ~ The Stone of Truth

This stone carries an especially powerful energy. It has the ability to reveal hidden truths concerning the people and circumstances around you. But perhaps most important, it will show you your own truth. The one you hide even from yourself. The positive side of this is that it not only reveals truths but it empowers you to work toward living within them. AND it orchestrates all of this pretty effortlessly.

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Moonstone ~ The Traveler's Stone

This magnificent gem is particularly protective of those who travel by the light of the moon.

It has been used in Roman jewelry for almost 2,000 years. Craftsmen in the Orient have been using it even longer than that.

It is considered a sacred stone in India, having a special significance for lovers. This culture believes that the moonstone brings luck in love. Because of this, it is traditionally given as a wedding gift in that country.

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Clear Quartz ~ The Perfect Jewel

The quartz crystal is the most common and abundant crystal in the world. It has the most diverse family in the mineral kingdom. This post will focus on clear quartz.

Light reflected through this stone projects the entire color spectrum, just like a rainbow.

This crystal was considered precious in nearly every civilization dating all the way back to Atlantis and Lemuria.

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