Activities For Your Ostara Celebration

The arrival of Ostara provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the return of the light half of the year. For our Ancestors that was pretty exciting stuff. It signified that they had survived the dark, cold months of the year. They had managed to stay warm enough. And they had successfully stretched their stores of food throughout the season of lack. The onset of the season of plenty had arrived. And they were all about getting out there and showing their reverence for the return of the Sun.

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Simple Altars For The Witch On The Go

But what is a Witch to do when she is out and about, or maybe traveling, and wants to perform magical workings by an altar. I mean she doesn’t NEED an altar to work magic. So there's that!

But still, there are times when sitting by a cleared space, which has been infused with your own intentions, and adorned with the magical tools of your choosing can provide a real mental boost. The kind of boost a Witch can really use when she is mustering up the magnitude of energy it can take to cast an effective spell.

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The Power of Three

Prayer and juju sending returning threefold are both clearly related to the number three. Still, they do not necessarily speak of its magical power. Not to me anyway. I'm trying to get to the crux of why Witches use the number three in spellcasting. We use it by repeating our incantations three times. We often use it when choosing herbs or crystals for spells and talismans. We use it in many ways. We choose three.

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Crystal Cleansing 101

The next logical step for me is to spend an afternoon doing a cleansing ritual on each and every one of these helpful little allies.

I want them to be free of any juju they may be carrying around which I have not intentionally placed there. And also from any they picked up just sitting in the many spaces I have drug them off to over the years. A few of these little ones have never been cleansed. They could still be carrying energy from where they were harvested and their subsequent travel to their place of sale. Ugh! Imagine that! Who knows what kind of energy they may harbor!

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