Activities For Your Ostara Celebration

The arrival of Ostara provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the return of the light half of the year. For our Ancestors that was pretty exciting stuff. It signified that they had survived the dark, cold months of the year. They had managed to stay warm enough. And they had successfully stretched their stores of food throughout the season of lack. The onset of the season of plenty had arrived. And they were all about getting out there and showing their reverence for the return of the Sun.

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The Yule Tree

The tree is one of my favorite Yule traditions. It is such a delightfully fun activity to engage in, and it brightens my home at a time of year when things can start to feel pretty dreary.

This year I put up my first Yule tree in Northern CA.

I have lived here for three holiday seasons without one, so it's feeling pretty good to 'get back to it'. She is very simple. That's for sure. But I love Her a whole bunch.

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