The Power of Three

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When I decided I wanted to write a post on the power of the number three, I was thinking I would learn more about why this number holds such significance in Witchcraft.

The prospect of that happening was pretty exciting for me. I have used the number three in my spellcasting for many years. I know there is great magic behind this number. I know because I am innately led to repeat incantations three times. I regularly find myself setting up arrangements of three on my altar. And I sometimes ring my space clearing bell in segments of three while smudging.

As a matter of fact, I have consciously attempted to repeat incantations less than three times on several occasions, and the draw to verbalize them three times is so powerful, I concede. The number three finds its way into my magic. Sort of magically ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is not to say that I have never done spellwork without employing the power of three. But, most often, I use this number. As well as six and nine. However, these are obviously versions of three. Particularly nine, where three is triplicated!

I am certain this is not only a spirit led practice but one I have come across in books? on the web? Somewhere that I cannot seem to find again. Or I would use it as a reference for this post.

So ...

Why does this number hold such powerful magic?

While diligently searching for an answer that would satiate my spirit ...

I discovered some believe that all one does returns to them threefold. Life has a threefold karmic effect, if you will.

This belief system seems prevalent in the Wiccan faith. Perhaps in other Pagan faiths as well. I'm not certain.

I also remember this being a prominent teaching at a Pentecostal church I attended years ago, when my beliefs were quite different than they are today. This teaching was often stressed concerning the practice of prayer. In other words, you shouldn't pray misfortune on someone. Nor should you pray in a way that negates their free will. OR those prayers will bite you in the a**.

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I am not 100% certain that this principle is accurate. But I live by it nonetheless. It feels right to me. It is not necessary to send any negative juju out to others and does not provide the sender with any positive payoff. Ever.

As a matter of fact, in my opinion, it reveals an inner atmosphere where a 'lack of power' mindset reigns. This is unhealthy and energetically unproductive. It should be addressed. In the interest of self-improvement.

Work on manifesting a life that cannot be altered or dismantled in any way via the intention of another. 'Stitch it up tight' energetically. And there will be no need to expend precious energy trying to bring down or protect yourself from those who oppose you. They will be powerless where your life is concerned.

Prayer and juju sending returning threefold are both clearly related to the number three. Still, they do not necessarily speak of its magical power. Not to me anyway. I'm trying to get to the crux of why Witches use the number three in spellcasting. We use it by repeating our incantations three times. We often use it when choosing herbs or crystals for spells and talismans. We use it in many ways. We choose three.

I also came across some information about the number three being representative of different things. Like the three points of a triangle. The trifecta. And the past, present, and future.

I did read that we need to be mindful of our actions because they ultimately effect us on three different levels; the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual levels.

I like this. It makes good sense. I will do my best to integrate this principle into my daily life.

Yet, this is not magic. This is just good sense ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then there is what the number three stands for from a numerology perspective. This science states that a person who walks a life path with the number three (I'm not sure how you arrive at that number, I'm not a numerologist!) is a bringer of change.

I like that. Perhaps the number three is a bringer of change as well. Spellcasting = bringing change. Could work for an explanation. Maybe roll with it?

Numerology also claims that people who walk this life path are born of both human and divine spark. Well, that's like ALL of us. Literally.

They have unlimited creativity (works) and superhuman ability (works dependent on perspective). This theory was sounding great until I realized that it leaves out all people who have life paths of different numbers. Hmmmmmm. Just not reasonable.

Bottom line ...

My attempt to write a great, informative post on why the number three is a significant number for Witches seems to be a bit of a bust.

I did discover a tiny bit of the type of info I was looking for though. So I will share what I've got with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

I found that it is used to increase the power of spellwork threefold. But did not find a satisfactory explanation for how this works. I'm thinking it is the energetics of the number itself? This would explain the phrase used at the end of many Wiccan spells, "By the power of three, so mote it be".

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I discovered that it is related to the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone). This sort of symbolism exists in many faiths. In Christianity it can be compared to the Holy Trinity (father, son, holy spirit).

It is also said to be representative of the three phases of the moon; waxing, full, and waning. My favorite moon phase is new. This theory leaves Her out. So I'm going to have to pass on it.

AND I also came across some information which stated that anything that comes to you should be returned threefold. This is the complete opposite of the threefold return which I spoke of earlier. Indeed it is a good life philosophy. For the most part. I mean there is the issue of the bad juju again!

There is also the fact that this sets up a perpetual cycle. What you put out returns to you threefold. What you receive should be returned by you threefold. Living by this theory would leave no room for breaking negative cycles. No thanks.

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If you have some, no matter how great or how small, don't hold out ...

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