Witchcraft ~ What is it Anyway?

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What is Witchcraft anyway?

There are words in our language that bring a great deal of controversy with them. The emotions they invoke can range from hatred and fear to adoration and peace.

The word Witchcraft is among them

This word carries many different connotations which are highly dependent on the culture, society, or even individual person you consult.

This makes it a difficult word to both fully and accurately define.

BUT I will give it the ‘old college try’…

If I were to give it a broad definition, I would say it is the practice of and belief in magical abilities possessed by both individuals and groups (better known as covens).

Witches have always been present in both primitive and highly advanced cultures worldwide.

Their faith is nature-based, and focuses on creating and maintaining harmony amongst mind, body, and spirit.

Witches honor all things which reside within the universe – both seen and unseen. They strive to live in harmony and balance with all of creation, as they believe it is interconnected and Divine.

The practice of Witchcraft encompasses many different traditions. AND is rapidly finding its way out from behind closed doors.

It is more readily accepted in societies and groups who hold a magical view of how the world works. But is also becoming quite popular among those who understand the workings of metaphysics.

Yes, metaphysics …

Witchcraft, as most often practiced in modern-day, is backed up by metaphysical science.

Those who practice ‘The Craft of the Wise’ (Witchcraft) not only hold divinatory roles, they often occupy the role of healer, teacher, leader, midwife and seeker. They work directly with Mother Earth to cure disease; nurturing, protecting, and guiding all who seek their help.

Witches use intent to manipulate energy in order to create change in their lives, in the lives of those they seek to help, and even in the world at large.

They understand that when positive affirmations are declared with great intent and focus an energy is conjured which is powerful enough to heal sickness, improve circumstances, and otherwise meet the needs of those who make them.

Chanting is one of the many ways they accomplish this task, as it heightens emotions and narrows focus.

They also have personal knowledge of the very similar effects that can be conjured through prayer, engaging in worship, and performing rituals.

Most Witches pay homage to deities, these deities can vary by tradition. However, they are always connected to Nature.

Most often these deities are meant to represent different aspects of the God and Goddess. They are the two main Divine Beings in the Craft.

Neither of these Divine Beings is considered superior to the other. Instead they are considered egalitarian in nature, perfectly blending the masculine and feminine energies of the two.

Many traditions of the Craft also honor the energy of the moon. They pay particular attention to its phases; acknowledging the effect it has on all living things.

The holidays observed by Witches are related to seasonal changes, and are meant to show reverence for their deeply rooted connection to Nature.

If you would like to learn more about Pagan holidays, you can access my blog post on them here.

You will find multitudes of other information concerning the practice of Witchcraft if you research further. Among them you will uncover many myths.

Sometimes it feels as though there are more myths running around out there than facts. UGH!


Let’s dispel a few of those myths now …

#1           Witches do not worship the devil. As a matter of fact, they do not even believe in his existence. The concept of a devil being, reigning over a place of eternal condemnation, was developed by Christianity. Witchcraft is a pre-Christian concept; therefore, it does not embrace this idea.

#2           While Satanism is also a pre-Christian concept, it is completely different from Witchcraft. Most modern-day people associate Satan with the devil of Christianity. This is inaccurate. Satan is an Egyptian God Set who embodies ego and confidence. Those who worship this deity practice a faith based on the theory ‘an eye for an eye’. Witches do not believe in harming other living entities and would not associate themselves with a faith based on such a theory.

#3           Many believe that Witchcraft is anti-Christian. This could not be further from the truth. Witches do not stand against any other faith. They firmly believe that every individual has a right to their personal preferences in ALL aspects of life, including the faith they practice. This viewpoint is an intrinsic part of the Witches path.

#4           Witches do not sacrifice animals (and certainly not human beings). This would violate their belief that all living entities are an indispensable part of Nature. All are One. Living entities are deeply revered in the Craft.

#5           Witches do not usurp their power from other beings. They are quite secure in the competence of their own inner power. They believe it is strengthened through maintaining harmony, peace, and balance in ALL things; both within and without. ‘Stealing power’ from other beings would upset that equilibrium.


That concludes our journey through the world of Witchcraft basics ...

I hope it has been as enriching for you as it has been for me ...

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