A Witch And Her Salt

While the masses may take this mineral for granted …

Witches have not lost sight of its great merit!

In the world of magic, salt is associated with wealth, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. And it is regularly used to absorb negative energy and repel evil. All of these things make this mineral a go to ingredient when making amulets and witches bottles.

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Winter Prompts For Your Book Of Shadows

This winter, I have gathered a list of prompts to inspire me as I work on my book of shadows. I feel like having them readily available to me will help me stay on task with my inward journey. Some are directly related to my personal evolution and others do not seem to be. At least not right now. But somehow the Goddess always uses each and every one of them to foster my expansion. She is faithful like that 😉

I’d like to share them with all of you …

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Crystal Charging 101

A crystal should definitely be cleansed before you infuse it with the intention of your choice. Once the cleansing process is complete, let the charging process begin. I recently started cleansing my crystals in bulk under the light of the full moon. I don't charge every one of them following this step. I charge those I know I will be using for spellwork throughout the upcoming moon cycle.

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The Power of Three

Prayer and juju sending returning threefold are both clearly related to the number three. Still, they do not necessarily speak of its magical power. Not to me anyway. I'm trying to get to the crux of why Witches use the number three in spellcasting. We use it by repeating our incantations three times. We often use it when choosing herbs or crystals for spells and talismans. We use it in many ways. We choose three.

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