Female Candle - Blue


Female Candle - Blue


Candles molded into the form of the female being are used in magickal workings designed to affect specific individuals. Typically the name of the person for whom the workings are being performed is carved into the chest of the candle. These candles can be burned alone or with other candles chosen to produce specific outcomes in your work.

The color of the candle is chosen to align with the intended outcome of the work. Following is a list of the color correspondences for candle magick to assist you in choosing the product that is right for your work …

  • White ~ protection, healing, cleansing, blessing, all-purpose

  • Yellow ~ creativity, communication, compelling

  • Pink ~ romance, friendship, happiness

  • Orange ~ employment, activation, stimulation

  • Red ~ health, passion, lust, strength, love

  • Purple ~ power, success, independence, spirits

  • Brown ~ friendship, law, stability, order

  • Blue ~ truth, justice, mental health, wisdom, wishes

  • Green ~ abundance, physical health, luck, prosperity

  • Black ~ banishing, binding, protecting, cursing

This listing is for a blue candle molded in the image of a female being.

This candle measures 7" x 1 3/4"

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