"Nature's Tranquilizer"

Source: East Africa, Siberia, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay


The oh-so-beautiful, purple hued amethyst is one of the most common crystals on the planet. She is abundant and eagerly waiting to become your ally 😉

She is often referred to as ‘Nature’s Tranquilizer’. This nickname comes from her ability to regulate insomnia. If you suffer from the affliction of insomnia, you know how trying this problem can be. Our bodies need to ‘shut down’ and restore themselves at night, so that we can function efficiently during daylight hours. Remedy your troubles by placing a piece of amethyst under your pillow before you settle into bed at night. You will find yourself sleeping deeply and waking rejuvenated.

Amethyst also makes an amazing daytime helpmate for those who are high-strung or anxious. She just wants the whole world to relax!

Another way this crystal promotes relaxation is by boosting clarity. She works with both the conscious and unconscious mind to do this. Double win!

When we have a clear and accurate assessment of our life we feel much more at ease. Nothing seems nearly as daunting to one who sees the ‘big picture’.

Personally, I often use this lovely ally as a pocket stone. She carries an uplifting energy.

Having her energy available to me throughout the day is for sure a big plus. Try it for yourself. You’ll see what I mean!

She can help you stay focused on positive thoughts, banishing any negativity that tries to creep into your mind. Over time this quality will set the mind in motion where thought flow is concerned. You will naturally gravitate toward positivity. Yay!

This stone is highly prized by healers because of the intensity of it’s power. A single stone packs a powerful punch and is quite effective for dealing with migraines, blood disorders, and immune deficiencies.

Still, clusters of this little gem are where the real power is at! Placed in the every day environment of those suffering with these issues and you will see marked improvement.

A cluster is even strong enough to cleanse other crystals. You have to love that!

This stone is used to protect the home from thieves and violence of all kinds. She likes a serene, comforting atmosphere, and will that promote wherever she goes. Anyone who considers their home a sanctuary will do well to have at least one amethyst cluster inside its walls.

She can be used to develop and strengthen psychic abilities, intuition, inspiration, and channeling. Amethyst is a spiritual seekers friend for sure. She is perfect for raising ones thought processes and desires for the future to a higher vibration. Use her to raise the vibrations of your magical tools as well.


"The Sun Stone"

Source: Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, India


The Greeks believed that if you placed a bloodstone in the path of the rays of the setting sun it would turn them the color of blood. Thus, the stones nickname; The Sun Stone.

This is truly an impressive stone. She is useful and always eager to communicate. The Ancients believed that she was an ‘audible oracle’; meaning that she would give off sounds as a way to guide them in the direction they should take mentally, spiritually, and physically.

She definitely heightens intuition and increases creativity.

She promotes courage and leads one away from dangerous situations. She does this by teaching the fine art of withdrawal and flexibility. Both terrific skills to possess whether there is eminent danger or not!

Bloodstone will aid you in acting swiftly and appropriately in the present moment. Particularly when there is chaos, as she recognizes that chaos almost always precedes transformation. She calms a busy mind and enhances the decision-making process.

She is great at encouraging selflessness. If you find yourself in a position where you know you need to put another’s needs above your own, and you are struggling with the process, she will surely help you find your way.

Her affinity with heart energy causes her to ground the heart and reduce irritability, impatience, and aggressiveness with self and others.

Bloodstone can be used to cleanse one’s energy and stimulate their immune system when dealing with acute infections. She promotes lymph circulation and increases metabolic processing.

She is also useful when working with conditions that affect the liver, kidneys, and bladder.

As you may imagine from her name this stone has an intimate rapport with the blood. She supports and purifies this liquid life-giver. She supports all blood rich organs and aids the circulatory systems in their work.

This stone is adept at banishing darkness and negativity. Use her to direct spiritual energies in a positive manner.

She can bring wealth. Particularly in situations where there is a negative force working against the bearer of this stone. She will ‘sniff out’ the nature of their influence and redirect the energy they are exuding to work in your favor.

Bloodstone is a must-carry when you are dealing with legal matters. She wants all to be well in your world. She is on your side.

She longs to be your ally!


"Stone of One Love"

Source: Britain, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania


If mindfulness is something you seek, the beautiful carnelian stone would make a great friend for you. She is quite adept at anchoring one in the present reality; keeping the mind focused on the here and now.

This quality is useful in so many ways! It can reign in the excessive daydreamer. It will assist in meditative practices by allowing one to remain focused and keep distractions at bay. And it clears up any ‘fuzziness’ surrounding your perceptions.

To get to the heart of it; Carnelian deals with mental lethargy quite beautifully!

This is a stone of high energy. She is restorative and motivational. She perpetuates creativity; making her the perfect companion for the artsy type. If you feel like you are having a creative dry spell, carnelian will have you back on track in no time.

She is not a fan of anger, resentment, or envy. She works to rid her bearer of these negative emotions, and keeps them from encroaching on their lives from outside influences. This is done by replacing these troublesome feelings with a love of life. AND who couldn’t use a bit more of that?!

Use this stone as an ally in situations requiring one to deal with issues which have arisen from past abuse. She handles it beautifully. Allowing one to trust themselves once again. Opening their eyes to the fact that they were never responsible for their trauma. The responsibility for that lies with their abuser.

She will push them to overcome the negative conditioning that can residually remain from these life circumstances. She will work through these issues to the end by encouraging one to remain steadfast in their quest for healing.

Carnelian is powerful enough to cleanse other stones. I prefer to cleanse mine in the moonlight. However, it is useful to be aware of stones that carry this skill as one can sometimes find themselves in a bit of pinch.

Just about every modern-day human is in need of more vitamins and minerals in their diet. We have great lack in this area. BUT we also have carnelian to help. She promotes absorption of these much needed nutritional wonders.

Be aware that she also increases metabolism. So, if this is not something you need, then you may want to work on another way to get those extra vitamins and minerals!

This stone increases fertility and has a positive influence on the female reproductive system. She will often remove impotence and frigidity.

Use her to promote healing of the skeletal system and ensure a good supply of blood flow to all of the bodies organs and tissues.

She makes a great ally for depression. Particularly in older people. A carnelian necklace is the perfect gift for an elderly woman. Try a carnelian pocket stone for the elderly man in your life 😉

Carnelian allows one to see the big picture of the life cycle. She brings peace and acceptance in this area; removing the fear of death. At one time, she was used to protect the dead as they journeyed to the afterlife.

With progressive training, carnelian can by used to see into the past. She carries the records of our planet. Viewing these records brings about a deep appreciation for the beauty that our great Mama Earth possesses, as well as an understanding of the gifts she readily provides for our sustenance and growth.


"The Transformer Stone"


Citrine’s warm, sunny color lends clues to some of its amazing metaphysical properties. It emits a very warm and joyous energy. It promotes optimism and wards off general unhappiness. It dispels virtually all negative energy which attempts to enter the space of its bearer. And yet this lovely stone requires no cleansing at all. I love that! She literally transmutes, dissipates, and grounds all things negative! Great stuff!

This stone is well-known for it’s ability to attract abundance of all forms; particularly financial. I can attest to her power in attracting finances to myself throughout my years of serving. If I was in an especially stressful spot concerning money, I would tuck a piece of citrine in my bra and I was assured to make some extra money that day!

Place this little beauty in the wealth corner of your home to acquire and maintain wealth. Yahoo! I have often place her on my stove in the evening, next to a candle I burn there. The stove is an area that creates ‘wealth energy’ and I use her energy in the evening hours to keep finances flowing in my life. Citrine is regularly a key player in this ritual.

Citrine’s generous nature will impel her to encourage the recipients of her gifts to share them with others. She wants to see everyone benefit all of the time.

Gloom, depression, and negativity have no place around citrine. She exudes the vibrancy and warmth of the sun. She is energetic and happy. She prefers to be surrounded by those who remain in the same quality of space. She will push one toward this mindset. This makes her perfect for dealing with situations of discord in families or groups.

I love this stone for teenagers. Let me tell you why …

She raises self-esteem and confidence. She abolishes destructive tendencies. She promotes self-expression and enhances individuality. She causes creativity to flourish. She strengthens resolve and motivation. She makes her bearer less sensitive to the criticism of others, even pushing them to positively receive and act on constructive criticism. She encourages optimism and helps one look forward to the future. She fosters a love of new experiences.

Just look over those properties and tell me that you don’t know a teenager who needs a bit of citrine in their lives! She is made for the teen human.

Of course, all of these elements are much needed by many adults as well. So don’t get too carried away with pushing the citrine off on the young people. Keep a bit for yourself 😉

If you are particularly sensitive to outside environmental influences citrine will help you to process the demands they place on you.

She can reverse degenerative disease, stimulate digestion, detoxify blood, balance the thyroid, and negate infections of the kidneys and bladder. She also has a warming, nourishing effect on nerves.

Citrine elixir is ideal for menopausal women, as it balance hormones and restores depleted energy resources.

This stone is used magically to turn a situation that seems to be in a hopeless, negative, downward spiral around. If it feels like there is no way to make a gloomy situation bright again. Call on citrine. She knows just what to do!


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