"The 'Herb' of Rocks"

Source: Worldwide


This stone carries a very gentle energy. It encourages kindness, charity and generosity. It is quite proficient at activating these qualities in people. And it can open a person to being receptive of these qualities coming from others as well.

Dolomite is all about the spontaneous and the creative. She fosters energetic, original thinking. These qualities make her a perfect companion for the artsy-type. Pick up a piece of this lovely stone to give to your artistically inclined friends. You’ll both reap the benefits!

Use this healing crystal to relieve loneliness, stress, anxiety, and sorrow. She has a great soothing effect. All part of that gentle energy thing she has going on!

If you know a parent or teacher who works with children who have ADHD, dolomite can help them to maintain the stamina they need to deal with the unique stressors this challenge presents them with. She likes harmony and she fosters it through warmth and patience.

She also has an affinity for self-realization. This can help one to discover and implement moderation into their lives on all levels. Use her to eliminate excessive behaviors and to spur the growth of those behaviors that need to flourish, and yet lay nearly dormant in your life.

Dolomite loves tradition and should be carried by anyone who is trying to foster this in their lives or their communities. She will also help one acclimate to the traditions observed in a new place. So, if you are moving and are concerned about experiencing culture shock, carry a piece of dolomite with you. She will help you to ease yourself into the ways of the area you are entering.

This crystal pushes a ‘reset’ button for its bearer. She allows one to maintain balance and align themselves with the flow of the Universe. She helps them to see that there is a Divine plan for their lives, and it is truly okay to let go of bonds that tie them to unrealistic dreams and find their true purpose in this life.

She opens the heart, allowing one to see that while the big things in this life can often be wonderfully amazing there is a deeper edification that comes with celebrating the small, every day, sometimes seemingly mundane experiences.

She provides the consistency, patience, and loyalty that is needed to effectively walk one’s destined path.

This stone is most often used in physical healing for teeth, muscles, skin, nails, and bones. She ‘builds’ each of these systems quite effectively. She stimulates the absorption of calcium and magnesium and effectively maintains a proper balance between the two.

She is used to strengthen the female reproduction system and provide relief for the symptoms of PMS. She is particularly useful for reducing the moodiness that women can experience as they travel through their menstruation related life-cycles.

Her grounding and centering properties are powerful, and this makes her an outstanding tool for meditation purposes.

Dolomite can be used to bring both strength and renewal to disturbed Earth. Place her on an area such as this and watch the transformation she brings forth!


"Stone of Successful Love"

Source: India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Egypt, Austria


I can’t think of a better handfasting gift than emerald. Known as The Stone of Successful Love, this little gem enhances unity, promotes friendship, loyalty, unconditional love, and domestic bliss.

BUT perhaps even more important than all of these qualities, she encourages and strengthens patience. Just what every relationship needs!

She is so sensitive to the elements of relationship, and how they are being employed, that if she detects unfaithfulness she will change color!

Emerald is truly a wisdom oriented stone. She unearths things from the unconscious, and brings them to light, allowing one to deal with matters that may have otherwise remained hidden. She promotes discernment and truth. And she imparts mental clarity.

She has a way of broadening the possibilities one sees for themselves and for others. This quality makes her the perfect stone for fostering mutual understanding and activating cooperation in groups of people.

This stone is a great ally for those who suffer from claustrophobia. If you know someone who finds it difficult to be in crowds because of this affliction, give them a piece of emerald to carry with them when it is necessary for them to enter situations which are likely to cause this phobia to rear its ugly head!

Emerald is helpful when dealing with malignant conditions. Gift her to loved ones who are dealing with cancerous conditions.

She is also great for vision issues, diabetes, and rheumatism. She strengthens the heart, detoxifies the liver, and treats the respiratory system.

She is used to protect one from negative enchantment and to assist in foretelling the future.

She is particularly useful for those with psychic abilities, as she collaborates with them in gathering information from the mental planes.

Do not carry or wear her constantly, as this will open the potential for the promotion of negative emotions.


"Stone of Discernment"

Source: United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, Peru, Mexico, Brazil


Fluorite is an amplifier. Use her with other healing crystals when you seek to magnify their effects. This is particularly effective when working to enhance spiritual wholeness and development.

She is proficient at grounding any excess mental and emotional energy.

This stone works primarily with the conscious mind, which is helpful when one feels that their thoughts are becoming ‘disorderly’. She straightens it all out! AND she greatly reduces the strain caused by being emotionally involved in adverse situations. This quality makes her a terrific ally for those who need to gain a clear perspective concerning difficult circumstances they find themselves feeling tightly entwined in.

Place a piece of fluorite adjacent to your computer. I keep her on my desk next to my laptop at all times. She clears electromagnetic stress from the air. This makes a HUGE difference in the state of one’s mental health!           

This stone loves organization, and can be used to realign anything that is not in perfect order. Imagine how useful this is for those who work with groups of people; particularly in a leadership role. Also, for those who work alone. It is very difficult for the entrepreneur to remain focused on and tackle the tasks most pertinent to their success. They can quickly become void of structure in their work day. Gift them fluorite! Watch the change!

Bottom-line – if you need to bring some order to your mental, physical, or emotional world, fluorite is your stone 😉

Use this amazing healing stone to alleviate pain. Placing her directly on the affected area will relieve discomfort. She brings almost instant relief. Direct placement of this stone also aides with skin disease and respiratory issues. It can remove energy blockages as well.

When taken as an elixir she is a powerful anti-viral. Use her for colds and flu. She regenerates the mucus membranes; especially those of the respiratory tract.

This stone will have a overall positive effect on teeth, bones, skin, and DNA damage.

Meditation practices can be enhanced with fluorite, as she energizes the body and raises one’s power of concentration.

Fluorite is an aura cleanser. She will clear one’s aura of cording (attached energy lines from other people).

She is a highly protective psychic stone. This lovely ally helps one to discern when outside influences are attempting to manipulate them, and then assists them to free themselves from this undue mental influence.

She aids in channeling and communication. This makes her great for accessing information of ones past lives, and also for communing with the many elements of Mama Nature.

Be certain to cleanse your fluorite after each use. When using her in your environment (such as next to your computer) I recommend cleansing her daily. It is understandably difficult to maintain this regimen. I get it! Still, don’t let much time pass without cleansing this stone or she will not do the work you have strategically placed her to do. She cannot absorb when she is saturated.


"The Healers Stone"

Source: Brazil


This lovely gem knows that each of us has immeasurable self-worth and she wants us to know it too. She opens the mind to the reality that we are innately worthy of the very best this world has to offer. After all, we are one and the same with the Divine 😉

Fuchsite removes tendencies of martyrdom. She teaches one how to be of service to others without falling into false humility, or becoming entwined in a power struggle for recognition. She will also deal with any residual issues one may have from past lives in the area of servitude.

Use fuchsite to overcome codependency and emotional blackmail. She is quite adept at aiding one to remove themselves from these unhealthy patterns. And after she has accomplished this task, she assists even further by bolstering post trauma resilience.

This stone is an irreplaceable ally to herbal, crystal, and spiritual healers. She has the ability to access information pertinent to these practices. She will then channel this knowledge to the healer, assisting them in choosing the holistic action which will be most beneficial for their client.

She is able to clarify exactly what one needs for their spiritual growth, and then encourages them to take actions which will help them achieve this growth.

If you find yourself in the role of observer in this scenario, she will push you to stay placid as they learn the lessons necessary for optimal growth. Fuchsite knows that we all have to learn for ourselves. When we experience the benefits and drawbacks of our actions, the lesson it teaches us ‘sticks’.

Use fuchsite to clear blockages created by excessive energy. She will redirect that ‘stuck’ energy to a positive pathway; allowing it to be put to good use.

This stone is used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, and balances the red and white blood cell ratios.

She is beneficial for the musculoskeletal system. She increases flexibility, realigns the spine, and clears repetitive strain injuries.



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