"A Warrior Stone"

Source: Worldwide

red garnet.jpg

This amazing stone is the one you want to have with you when navigating your way through a crisis. It is known to take even the most desperate situations and turn them into a nothing more than a minor challenge for the bearer. It activates one’s survival instinct and fills them with hope. And everyone knows, hope is a powerful thing. So, if you find yourself in a situation where it looks like there is no way out – grab the garnet!

In days gone by this stone was said to be a protection amulet. It was carried by warriors to keep them abreast of potential dangers. I’ll bet it is just as tuned in to modern-day danger. It sure wouldn’t hurt to have it with you in situations where you may find yourself in a precarious position.

I carry a piece in my truck so that I have it in the event of a breakdown. I am a woman alone who lives in a remote area. It just makes good sense 😉

This stone is a powerful energizer and regenerator. It will ‘size up’ one’s needs and bring either tranquility or passion to them, whichever will benefit them most.

Garnet alleviates emotional disharmony, balances sex drive, and inspires both love and devotion. I’d say that makes it the perfect relationship stone! Wouldn’t you?

Use garnet when you are seeking a clear perception of self. She will assist you in freeing yourself from ingrained behavior problems and she will reduce the tendency to self-sabotage.

She pushes one to let go of old ideas, which no longer serve them. And she instills self-confidence.

This stone stimulates metabolism and literally regenerates the body. Now that’s pretty useful stuff!

She works well for spinal disorders. She has an affinity for the heart, blood, and lungs. And she encourages the body to actively absorb much needed vitamins and minerals.

Egyptians, Druids, Celtics, Romans, and Greeks all used the garnet stone in their magical practices.

It was referred to as the Lamp Stone by the Greeks, because of their belief that wearing it around the neck imparted the bearer power to see in the dark.

Giving garnet as a gift will potentially grant the giver loyalty and affection from the recipient.

If you have a piece of this lovely gem and it begins to dull, it is a sign of difficulty or danger to come.


"Stone of Opportunity"

Source: Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet, Nepal

green aventurine.jpg

This stone brings a general sense of well-being to its bearer. It calms the emotions, and causes one to realize that things will once again find their proper order. All in this world is temporary. This too shall pass.

Green Aventurine has an affinity for the heart. It comforts and heals this lovely, life-giving organ. Science is coming to realize that the heart (our feelings) is much more powerful than the brain (our thoughts) in the manifestation process. The fact that we should be using our heart as a gauge for our choices is unfolding. Green Aventurine already knew this! She wants the heart to be nourished, soothed, and generally well cared for! She is a harmonizer!

If things feel out of control, carry one of these crystals with you for a bit. Before you know it, you will find that things are lining up just as they should be.

She can see alternative solutions to problems, which are not clear to those sitting in the midst of them. She will unveil an array of different possible solutions. Simply give her a chance!

Once this lovely crystal has hit the ‘reset button’ on the heart and the emotions, she will encourage them to work together with the intellect. This can promote decisiveness, perseverance, perception, and creativity.

Green Aventurine is a particularly powerful to prosperity generator. This is perhaps her best-known quality. I used to carry a keychain made from this amazing stone, when I opened my little brick and mortar metaphysical shop. She brought me great success! Go aventurine!

Use her to grid gardens and houses in areas that are susceptible to geopathic stress or environmental pollution.

She makes an amazing ally when working with children who are 7 years of age or younger, as she regulates growth and balances male-female energy.

I can’t think of one person I know who would not benefit from her ability to balance male-female energy. This energy has become quite distorted throughout history and it seems we all need a bit of help as a result. Green Aventurine to the rescue!

Physically she has an affinity for the nervous system, adrenals, connective tissue, lungs, sinuses, thymus gland, and urogenital system. She stimulates metabolism.

Her close relationship with the heart gives her the tools she needs to balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and prevent arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

She is an anti-inflammatory and this assists in dealing with skin eruptions, allergies, and migraines. Personally, I prefer to take a green aventurine infused elixir when utilizing these particular properties.

When performing rituals intended to increase abundance, open opportunities, or simply create a ‘flurry’ of good luck, use aventurine.

Attract these elements to your home by placing three pieces of green aventurine in a dish and setting them in front of a garden gnome adjacent to the door which is most often used to enter the home.

Hold her close to your heart while meditating and her love will literally wash through your being.

If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, bury a piece of this stone in the soil of a healthy, vibrant green plant and leave it there overnight. In the morning, dig it up and carry it with you. She will absorb the alchemical vitality that exists between Mama Earth (the soil) and the plant, and impart it to you throughout the day. This is powerful Earth medicine at its finest!


"White Buffalo Turquoise"

Source: United States


The howlite crystal is able to recognize and formulate a plan for attaining one’s ambitions. This is particularly helpful for those who struggle in this area, but remains useful for – well – everyone! She will stick with you through the execution of the plan you have formulated together. It is her goal to see you reach the stage of fruition.

She loves patience, and teaches it to her bearer. She is no fan of anger. She will curb your own and absorb any that others may direct toward you. And she will strengthen one’s positive character traits. She often starts this process by assisting one to overcome any tendencies they may carry to be critical and working on innate selfishness.

This gorgeous stone is great for insomnia. It has a deeply calming energy. Place it under your pillow at night, and it will ease your restless mind. You can also make an elixir using howlite and sip it slowly as you unwind before bedtime. NOTE: It works best with lack of sleep caused from an overactive mind. You may not find it as helpful in other situations.

Her ability to calm the mind is quite useful during waking hours as well. It naturally lends toward reasonable communication. Calm people are simply more reasonable than anxious, agitated people.

She is helpful in the area of memory retention, and she promotes a deep desire for knowledge.

Many use howlite to strengthen teeth, bones, and soft tissue. Most often an elixir is used for these purposes.

It opens attunement to the spiritual dimensions; allowing one to receive the wisdom and insight that can so readily be found there.

Howlite is used for astral travel. This makes it great for accessing knowledge of past lives. For this purpose, place the stone on your third eye. She will open memories of your past lives; including the between-life states you have experienced.

Howlite comes in many colors. However, these hues are not natural. These stones have been dyed. You will find a great deal of info out there concerning their metaphysical properties. I personally do not promote their use. I don’t believe that they carry any properties which are unique from those which are carried by an ‘unviolated’ stone. As a matter of fact, I would tend to believe that the innate properties of the stone are altered through the dying process.



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