"Supreme Nurturer"

Source: Worldwide

red jasper.jpg

Each piece of jasper is a masterpiece of artistry. Portraying the colors of various landscapes from the palette of Nature herself; the dark night sky, a deep green forest, ocean waves, rays of golden sunshine, the neutral colored beauty of desert sands, the bright red of poppy fields, and the deeper shade of red rock canyons.

She is bold, solid, and earthy. She is primitive with a warm energy. Jasper resonates well with the primal self.

Each variety of this crystal has properties specific to its type. However, there are qualities that all jasper specimens have in common.

She balances the male and female energies. She provides courage, and pushes one to assertively tackle their problems. She prolongs sexual pleasure. And she helps one to think quickly while multi-tasking. Jasper will enhance organizational skills as well.

Her vibration is slow and consistent. She is aligned with the electromagnetic energies of Mama Earth.

This stone encourages one to utilize and find edification in moments of isolation. Spend a bit of time out in Nature with a piece of jasper, and you will connect with her energy in a profound way. Absorbing and reflecting on Nature’s ways. Often receiving deep insights into your own life. And, perhaps most importantly, raising your awareness of the connection which exists between all living things. Jasper knows that all is one. Nothing is separate. The Universe is a single entity, and we are an intricate part of Her.

She has the ability to sustain and support one as they navigate their way through stressful situations. She brings a sense of peace and protects one from negative energy.

If you have an active imagination but are not adept at carrying your ideas into reality, then Jasper is your girl. She has a way of encouraging one to take action and make their ideas come to life.

This stone works well for those who are entering a long fast, as she encourages perseverance. She can be used to regulate diet as well. She strengthens self-discipline, and boosts physical energy levels.

Use this crystal as a talisman for smoking cessation and to free one from alcohol abuse. She will remove harmful toxins which remain in the body from these behaviors. And she will release one from the emotional triggers which perpetuate these behaviors

Spiritually, jasper can connect one to the knowledge of Mama Earth’s ancient past. Learning and utilizing this knowledge is helpful for those who are working toward healing humanity and the planet.

She is revered as a master of the wind and rain. She has been called upon to end drought, dowse for water, and calm the sea.


"Stone of Immediate Alignment"

Source: Brazil


If you find you have trouble speaking your truth, wear a piece of kyanite around your neck. She helps one express themselves with clarity.

She can also assist with learning new languages. So dangle her around your neck with love and intention and embark on a learning journey into a brand new language. Wear her when you are traveling, and you will find it easier to communicate across the language barrier. She will benefit those who teach or give speeches as well.

Basically, kyanite and communication are good friends. They even work hand in hand when mediation is in order. You will find that when kyanite is present resolutions are arrived at quickly and with great ease.

This is a stone of tranquility. She absorbs negative energies which are prohibiting peace within. She does not hold on to these energies but dispels them. This quality makes her a self-cleansing stone; there is no need to clear kyanite.

Her ability to free one from negativity is limitless; making her the perfect attunement companion.

Use this stone physically to treat issues involving the neck, hearing disorders, eye ailments, and problems with your sense of smell.

She can restore balance to the entire body with her ability to behave like an energy conduit.

She is particularly helpful when working with the mind. She replaces noise with quiet, and busyness with stillness. She has a beautifully gentle way of opening a closed mind. Kyanite is a great gift for those who have difficulty accepting circumstances in their life, which they are unable to effectively change.

This stone is a great tool for meditation. Use her to foster the proper frame of mind for entering a deep meditative state.

She will cause one to freely embrace all the aspects of universal love. She broadens perceptions and promotes understanding of others. She enhances creativity. And she encourages new thought patterns.

This stone is an excellent aid when seeking a positive effect on one’s visions, foresight, and dream world.


"The Stone Before Time"

Source: Russia, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, United States, Egypt, Middle East

lapis lazuli.JPG

Lapis Lazuli has a regal energy. She does not lower her vibration to meet others, but instead demands that they raise their own to meet hers!

She has been associated with kings and queens from all realms throughout the ages.

If you succeed in raising your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies to a level which resonates with this royal stone, you will be rewarded with the ability to set aside your own personality, and all of its innate quirks, so that you can clearly see what is happening within others. This is quite a gift. One to be coveted, for sure!

Use this stone to clear particles of ones past lives, which are lingering in the present realm, yet no longer belong there.

She amplifies thoughts and stimulates the highest faculties of the mind. She brings objectivity and clarity by attuning one with Source.

She expands the intellect and leadership qualities.

This stone is an excellent ally when one is dealing with legal matters; particularly if they are sitting on the right side of the law, and there is some sort of miscommunication to be cleared up concerning their behavior.

Lapis Lazuli will cause one to seek out and confront truth. She also encourages one to allow truth to teach them when circumstances demand it.

She helps one stand up for themselves and take charge of their life. She encourages self-awareness.

Use this gorgeous crystal to strengthen bonds in love and friendship. She will dissolve any tendencies for one to act as a martyr, remove emotional baggage, and encourage the expression of feelings in an emotionally intelligent way.

Considering her connection to such lofty realms, it seems quite fitting that this stone is best recharged under the light of the stars.

Lapis Lazuli is adept at uncovering the cause behind thyroid imbalance, hormone imbalance, and depression. Once the cause is revealed, a path for healing can be embarked upon.

She is beneficial for the immune system, purifies the blood, and lowers blood pressure. She can restore hearing loss and vision. She is a great ally for those who suffer from vertigo.

Use her to remedy health issues which involve the head, neck, and vocal chords. She is particularly helpful when there is inflammation involved.

She will create a shield around her bearer to protect them from psychic attack.

She can be used to recover knowledge from past lives. She sparks one to use this knowledge to further their evolution in the present time.

Drink an elixir made with Lapis Lazuli to bring the etheric, emotional, and spiritual bodies in line. Her ability in this area is quite powerful.




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