"Stone of Emotional Clarity"

Source: Romania, Middle East, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia


Malachite is the perfect ally for those who seek to increase their concentration skills. 

She develops intuitive reasoning, clarifies emotions, and opens an avenue for one to recognize and release residuals from negative life experiences. She works with experiences they recall and also with those they have no recollection of. Release of this negative energy opens one up for advancement in areas of their life which have been stunted by its presence. Use her with caution; allowing her to work over time, rather than ‘diving into the deep end’ of the pool. She is a thorough and strong cleanser. Her transformation will be gentle if it is experienced in snippets, but may be a bit jarring if it is forced too quickly.

She freshens one’s outlook and encourages them to search their inner core. She puts fears which so commonly hold one back from the emotional upheaval of such deep searching at rest.

Once malachite has done the transformative work of releasing negative residuals and exposing the secrets of one’s core being, she assists in balancing the desires of their own ego with those of higher will.

Then this wise little beauty helps to manifest that which is most beneficial for her bearer.

She sees. She exposes. She balances. She manifests. It is a very beautiful process, and she sticks with one from start to end, always keeping the strong connection to Source at the forefront 😉

Malachite counteracts and helps to overcome self-destructive romantic tendencies. She is a fan of true and pure love, and she seeks to create a fertile ground for it to blossom.

She is a very powerful stone and amplifies energy with great skill. This power should be taken seriously, and she should be used with care; always remembering that malachite increases ALL energy. If one is prone to negative thoughts, she will amplify the negativity. As you can imagine this is quite unpleasant and attracts an undesirable outcome. She will also amplify any unkind words or thoughts which are projected from her bearer toward others. She takes the wielding of this power seriously and will bring a thrice fold payment back upon those who use it to damage others.

This stone should be cleansed often. It absorbs negative energy quite proficiently and can quickly become satiated. It will weaken without frequent cleansing.

It can be cleansed and recharged by simply placing it on a quartz cluster, or inside a quartz geode. If you prefer you can cleanse it on quartz and then set it in the sun or on the earth to recharge. Do not use salt when cleansing malachite, as it will damage the surface of the stone.

She is a very powerful healing stone. She promotes growth and builds strength in all areas. Use her for the entire body.

She has a high copper content which causes her to have a steady pulsing electromagnetic field. This makes her a useful ally for cleansing the aura as well.

Malachite can be worn to warn one of impending danger. She will go to great lengths to reveal the approach of danger to her bearer. She is particularly protective of children and will do whatever is necessary to insure their safety.

She lends a power boost to all rituals and readings. Wear her, hold her, or place her on your altar to increase energetic power.


"The Stone of Truth"

Source: Worldwide


Obsidian is a very powerful stone. Some will find it too powerful. If you are using it for the first time be aware that the energy may be too much for you. Have a substitute stone on hand, so that you can continue to work if you have to put obsidian aside.

You must be prepared to see the full spectrum of your reality if you are going to work with obsidian. It will expose the negative and positive aspects of your life with equal illumination. It is a lover of truth and exposes it quickly and with full force.

Carry it with you to absorb negative energy. She has an intense vibration of calmness and security, and will stabilize all energy within her reach. She will transform it into a beneficial, positive force.

This stone gives one the ability to connect their mind and their emotions. Another, quality which makes her suitable for people who have a higher than average level of stability. She will set many people in a spin. All that she reveals will be too much to handle.

For those who able to work with her, she will remove all blockages from their subconscious and release any residual stress buildup they have created.

Use her with clear quartz to abate her power at least a bit, if she is teetering on the edge of your tolerance levels.

She is best cleansed using a natural light source.

Physically obsidian is used to reduce tension, improve vision, and alleviate pain. She can accelerate the healing of wounds and relieve issues relating to the stomach and intestines.

Ancient folk lore connects this stone to guardian spirits. She is said to invoke them to watch over and protect her bearer. For this reason, she is often used in spells cast for protection, as well as to protect one while spell casting.

She will call on spiritual forces to help guide her bearer as they journey toward deeper awareness. Revealing lessons to be learned from past experiences and present challenges.

She can activate the third eye to process past life karma; yet another area where caution is key when working with obsidian.

In sphere or slice form, she makes an outstanding scrying tool. When using a crystal quartz is producing unclear results, you can turn to obsidian for clarification. The darkness of the stone provides superior accessibility to the subconscious. Many employ the assistance of clear quartz, as previously described, if they find her power too intense while scrying.

If you are journeying through a period of darkness or struggle, and you find yourself dreaming of obsidian, you can be assured that your difficulties are coming to an end.


"Stone of Inspiration"

Source: Australia, Mexico, Peru, South America, Britain, Canada, United States, Honduras, Slovakia


Opal is adept at enhancing creativity and imagination. It makes a great gift for the artsy type. She provides them with endless inspiration, releases any inhibitions keeping them from fully expressing themselves through their art, and broadens the arenas in which they perform their craft.

She has the ability to mirror and amplify one’s deepest feelings and desires. She will access things in this area that one may have lost touch with so long ago they have forgotten they existed. This quality can enhance spontaneity, remove inhibitions, clarify imagination, free up visualization, and intensify dreams.

Opals are known to foster an appreciation of life. Use her when working with one who has seemingly lost the will to live. You will see them start to attune to the beauty which exists in this world and the desire to be part of it rather quickly. This is a beautiful thing! It can be useful for everyone, not only those who are struggling.

She is a karmic stone, possessing the ability to absorb thoughts and emotions, amplify them, and return them to the sender. Use her to deepen one’s understanding of karmic laws; what you put out is what comes back to you. Use her carefully in this area.

She can act as a stabilizer showing one what their emotional states have been in past lives and teaching them to take responsibility for their own feelings.

She will bring faithfulness and spontaneity to her bearer. She will also increase one’s propensity toward fickleness in areas where it already exists.

This stone is linked to the heart and can be used to strengthen it. She stimulates glandular activity, regulates metabolism, and has an overall beneficial effect on the human psyche.

Use her when working with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and PMS. She will help one fight infection and fever. And she is a blood purifier, particularly useful for the kidneys.

She carries the full spectrum of colors; allowing her to work in all areas of health and spirituality.

She can be programmed to work in all spells and magical needs. She is used to protect one during astral projection and conjure invisibility in situations where one wishes to go unnoticed. This makes her an excellent choice when doing shamanic work.

She is a favored stone for developing psychic powers.




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