"Fool's Gold"

Source: Worldwide


This glimmering stone stimulates the intellect and helps one transform their thoughts into action. She works with one to boost self-confidence when they are feeling unsure of themselves. This can remove indecisiveness; allowing them to step out and act on their desires.

Pyrite is often used to manifest wealth. I am going to respectfully disagree on this one, as I have found it does the exact opposite for me. It drains my finances every time. Personally, if I were trying to attract wealth I would turn to another stone. I use citrine.

It can encourage one to be more open and honest in their communications. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to reveal a truth to another, and you fear that they will react in a way which will be either emotionally or physically damaging to you, then pyrite is your girl. She is quite protective of those whose communications she encourages.

Use her when you need to improve your concentration levels. She will clear negativity from the aura releasing the confusion and turmoil it causes. This will open the mind to focusing on present tasks.

This stone was favored as a decorative stone in times past. She was used for rings, snuff boxes, and shoe buckles. She was carved into rosettes for decorative purposes as well. Oh how I would love to have one of those rosettes. They must have been gorgeous! Perhaps one day the Universe will bring one my way 😉

Placing a piece of this crystal in the home or the workplace will surely increase vitality of all those who reside there.

Pyrite increases physical stamina, making her a great workout companion.

She balances hormones, eases the symptoms of menstruation, and lifts depression. Use her directly on the body to reduce swelling and fevers. She will draw pain from the body.

Carry her with you when you are seeing a doctor or healer, as she clears any confusion surrounding physical symptoms, assuring an accurate diagnosis.

This stone makes an amazing meditation and divination tool. Polished ‘mirrors’ were made from pyrite by the people of Mexico, to be used for scrying purposes.

To form a protective shield around yourself or a loved one, visualize a golden protective sphere emanating from a pyrite crystal and surrounding them. She will happily oblige your vision and take on her role of protector with ease.


"The Love Stone"

Source: South Africa, United States, Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar

rose quartz.jpg

I always have a large piece of rose quartz by the entrance to my home. Place her near the door which is most often used. She will guard your threshold; assuring that all who come or go do so in love.

Place her by the beds in your home to encourage a deep, peaceful, sleep. One filled with manifestation dreams which base themselves around the premise that love is meant to be a dominating force in one’s life. She will encourage unconditional love when she is placed by a couple’s bed. She will prevent nightmares and night terrors. And she will soothe children who fear the dark, causing their fears to dissipate.

This stone is excellent in crisis situations. It is powerfully calming. It strengthens empathy and sensitivity. It is the perfect companion for those who are grieving.

Rose quartz is also very useful in the workplace. Placing a large, unpolished piece of this crystal there will discourage gossip and intrusiveness among coworkers.

Use this amazing stone to relieve colic in infants. Simply place their food or milk in a circle of rose quartz for 5-10 minutes. She will imbue it with her calming vibration, and that will be passed on to their tiny tummies.

She will soothe burns and reduce blistering if she is taken as an elixir. She can be used for scarring in this way as well. And also, to clear the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Some say she promotes a soft complexion. I’m not sure if they are referring to the texture of one’s skin or not. I also believe she promotes a soft complexion, but I feel it comes from the warmth and radiance she imparts to one’s inner-self. It causes a special kind of glow to emanate from the face. Incredibly beautiful!

She has an affinity for the heart. You may have already guessed this! She promotes proper functioning, relieves palpitations, corrects skipped beats, and stabilizes irregular heart rhythm.

Her strong feminine energy makes her the perfect ally for the female reproductive system. She will help one heal after childbirth, even particularly complicated ones. She relieves post-partum depression. And she can be used to increase fertility.

Rose Quartz has long been used in spellwork for love. Personally, I do not believe in casting spells to cause one to love you. I feel that is thwarting another’s will and it will cause more harm than good, for both the spellcaster and the recipient of the spell.

However, I have often used this lovely stone to promote a sense of warmth, passion, and security in relationships where both parties agree with that goal. Or to promote kindness, consideration, and respect in a stabile parent/child relationship.

If you are seeking a new relationship, it is best to use rose quartz to attract that to you. She will know just what you need, and she will bring it forth rather quickly when one stands to the side and allows her to choose.

Relationship magic using this stone is best performed on a Friday during the waxing moon 😉




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