"Sharp Sword of Awareness"

Source: United States, Mexico, Russia, Austria, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, England


If you desire your home be a quiet, calm, tranquil place, which is not influenced by the outside world, then grid its parameters with selenite. Be sure to place this lovely stone indoors when gridding, as it will melt in water. To create a peaceful atmosphere in any room, simply adorn it with a piece of selenite.

This stone clears mental confusion and allows one to clearly see the bigger picture. It is able to bring what is happening in the subconscious to the conscious mind. This quality works to permanently resolve emotional instability.

Selenite has a very fine vibration, and is a link to the light body. It can be used to anchor this body in the earth vibration.

To detach entities from one’s aura and prevent external forces form influencing the mind, use a selenite wand.

This crystal very efficiently cleanses and charges other stones. I have a selenite slab, which is very nice because you can lay other stones directly on top of it. If you do not have a slab, simply place a piece of selenite in a small container with the stones you wish to cleanse. This will work quite well.

Selenite works with fluid systems of the body to ensure harmonious flow. It can align the spinal column and increase flexibility.

It heals the cells of the body, making it a great ally for improving skin tone. It will assist the body with calcium absorption, and assimilation of all vitamins and minerals. It is not an ingestible stone.

Selenite has an infinity for motherhood. It will enhance fertility. And it will protect the health of a mother and her child, from the moment of conception, to the time the child heads out into the world on their own.

It is a stone of powerful psychic communication. It encourages and assists with communication between it’s bearer and their ancestors. It will also promote the recollection of dreams and past life memories.

If you wish to ensure fidelity in your romantic relationship, place a piece of selenite in your love talisman and your partners attentions will never stray.


"Stone of Balance"

Source: Western Australia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, United States, Italy


As an herb lover, I have a special affinity for this stone. She has a strong, intimate connection to devic energies; making her the perfect companion for plants. Bury her in your soil to promote health and growth. Place her on the ground near plants who are infested with unwanted pests and she will ‘encourage them to go on their way’.

Tourmaline can dispel fear and grief by neutralizing negative energies. She increases self-confidence and understanding. And she is an excellent companion for those who need to enhance their concentration or communication skills.

Use her to charge one’s electromagnetic system. This is done by holding a piece of tourmaline in your hands overnight, placing her under your pillow while you sleep, or putting her on your bedside table pointing toward you.

This stone is well-suited for the treatment of infectious disease, arthritis, and blood poisoning. She is perfect for removing blockages of all kinds.

One of my favorite properties of this stone is her ability to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This is quite helpful when working with people who tend to live too fully in either their creative or logical side. Balance, as always, is key!

Tourmaline is the ideal companion for shamanic journeying and ritual work of all variations. She will encase one in a protective shield, creating a safe environment for their work.

She is used in scrying to reveal the culprit in situations where energetic attack, both conscious and subconscious, is concerned. And will then provide the seeker guidance in choosing the best direction for resolution.




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