"Hyacinth Flower from Vesuvius"

Source: Canada, Norway, United States


Vesuvianite is named for deposits found at the volcano on Mt. Vesuvius and has very strong metaphysical properties.

If you struggle feeling comfortable in your own skin, vesuvianite is the stone for you. She will help you let go of old patterns and past life issues which affect your present-day functioning. As her energy permeates your life and causes you to gain confidence and organize your mind, you will align your thoughts with your destined path. This will bring a sense of comfort and contentment, to take over those ‘out of place’ feelings.

This stone has a soothing nature. She is supportive and will assist your navigation through life transitions and upheavals. She promotes cooperation and humility, and encourages her bearer to make peace with impermanence, all qualities which assist one to surrender to change.

The simple act of touching this stone brings an instant sense of calm. She touches the heart, lifts the spirit, and releases one’s personal truth. Vesuvianite empowers one to unearth and remain firmly on their path. She keeps one confidently grounded. You could accurately refer to her as a stone of ‘unshakeable foundation’.

You can expect her to do her work through clearing, cleansing and restoring, rather than balancing and energizing. This can be an emotional path. It can feel like there is great upheaval occurring. BUT she will help with that. Remember? AND taking this route will remove issues at their root. What can be better than that?

She pushes one to embrace the desires of their higher self. To answer the call of the deepest yearnings of their heart. Allowing them to override their ego and perpetuate forward movement and spiritual growth in their life.

Physically, vesuvianite is used to strengthen tooth enamel and restore one’s sense of smell. She can help her bearer to assimilate nutrients from their food and manage environmental pollutants, particularly mercury and lead.

She has an incredibly powerful cleansing and purifying effect on the body, much like the one she has on the mind. This is particularly useful for one who is in recovery from a prolonged illness.

Meditate with this amazing gem when you want to make any major changes in your life. If you are feeling pulled toward a new direction, sit with vesuvianite. If you are unhappy with your current employment situation and need change, but do not know which direction to turn in, sit with vesuvianite. If your relationship is not as you wish it to be, sit with vesuvianite.

I am unaware of any magical properties possessed by this stone. However, she gives one the ability to follow their hearts desires and the luxury of feeling comfortable in their own skin. Sooooo … she sure does open the doors for the workings of magic!


"Stone of Altered Consciousness"

Source: Austria, Tanzania, India, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya


This stone is a very effective energizer. It not only pushes you to get yourself up off that couch, it encourages you to pursue the things you truly enjoy doing. Zoisite wants you to get up and do something you love! I’m all for that 😉

She rekindles seemingly expired creative sparks. She assists one to understand and communicate their own truths, freeing them from the influence of others. She transmutes negative energy into positive energy. And she helps one stay on track.

Place a piece of this lovely stone near your phone to deter unwanted callers. I like to place a piece of zoisite by my phone during those times when I feel a need to relax in my home sanctuary and recenter, but still want to leave lines of communication open.

Use her to increase vitality and support adrenal glands. She can effectively support and heal reproductive organs. And she has an affinity for the heart. Use her to strengthen this vital organ.

Zoisite is a great detoxifier. She alleviates inflammation and promotes strength of the immune system, lungs, spleen, and pancreas.

My favorite properties of this gemstone lie within her ability to enhance one’s trust of themselves and the Universe. In my opinion, this is her greatest gift. It makes her the perfect stone for brand new ‘baby’ spiritual seekers.

She pushes one to spend time in and enjoy the presence of Mama Nature, illuminating all they experience with a sense of wonder.

She has a powerful ability to open one’s eyes to the power of ‘all that is’.

Simply put ~ This stone fosters a trust in the ultimate goodness of life <3




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