Rocks, minerals, stones, gems, crystals - call them what you like - they are incredibly useful allies!

These versatile little helpmates carry a myriad of healing properties. They aid with our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. And there are so many ways to tap into their energy.

You can wear them, carry them, place them directly on your body while meditating, or simply sit with them a few moments and allow their healing powers to permeate your being.

Place them in your car, at your workplace, in your home, and around your property. Allow their magic to manifest throughout these spaces.

Their presence alone creates a change in the vibration of the area surrounding them. It is through this vibration that they have the power to alter your world.

Choose the stone you need for any given circumstance according to their color, shape, and texture. BUT remember that if you are drawn to a certain stone, go with it! Choose the one that draws you. ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT.

While it can be difficult for the novice to know where to start when embarking on exploring the world of crystal healing, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Give yourself all the time you need. Don’t rush. Take just one step into this world of healing, and before you know it you will be immersed in its power.

Keep your mind and heart open to the delightful magic which crystals impart to our lives, and the ones you need most are sure to find their way to you.

Let me tell you how crystals introduced themselves to me …

I owned a metaphysical shop and had a full display of healing stones there. I didn’t possess much knowledge concerning their individual healing properties. People who came into the shop would often share what they knew about them, but it seemed that very little of this information really stuck with me.

Then one day a woman came in and shared some very interesting insights on trees and their auras. This invoked my curiosity. I’m very much a plant lover, and with their healing powers I am quite comfortable. I know many of their personalities well and have a sense of belonging in their world.

It hadn’t occurred to me that they had auras. At that point in my spiritual development I wasn’t even sure how I felt about auras.

Trees had auras? I was intrigued.

After this woman left, I scribbled down a few notes from our conversation on a scrap piece of paper. It was a busy day and I simply didn’t have the time to research this information right then. I would make it a point to get to that later.

When the shop closed that day, I still had plenty of work to do there before I could head home for the night. I was tired and feeling like I wanted a break before I started my ‘second shift’, so I decided to head to the park for a bit.


As I was walking out the front door I passed by the crystal display. I felt an uncanny urge to pick up a piece of Botswana agate and tuck it into my pocket. I had no idea why, but I had come to trust my intuition, so tuck it in my pocket I did.

I went to the park and as I was walking along I became enamored with this one tree. She sat apart from the other trees and somehow, she seemed particularly beautiful to me.

I could almost hear her calling my name. I wanted nothing more than to sit down on the ground in the shade of her branches. I started to head in her direction.

As I approached her, I reached into my pocket and felt the agate there. I took it out and rubbed it between the palms of my hands. It was at that exact moment that it happened. I saw an aura surrounding that tree. Right there. Right in front of me. JUST LIKE THAT!

Me, the woman who wasn’t even sure that auras existed saw one as clear as could be surrounding that lovely tree. And it was an amazing experience.

You see – if open your heart just the slightest bit, the magic will find you.

If you feel that connecting to the power of crystals is more difficult for you than it was for me, don’t fret. These feelings are normal, and are experienced by many.

I still cannot feel the vibration of a stone while holding it in the palm of my hand. I know many who can. But I cannot.

We are all different and possess varied avenues of connection.

Start spending some time with crystals without having any expectations of an ‘experience’. Choose one that you think may be helpful to you using the following criteria …

·         Red stones are good for increasing strength and courage

·         Yellow stones generate enthusiasm and success

·         Purple stones diminish judgement and increase virtue

·         Green stones promote safety and growth

·         Blue stones develop trust and respect

·         Orange stones level out instability and strengthen willpower

Choose a crystal. Carry it with you. Research it. And repeat.

Remain patient. Your experience is your own. It is not meant to be like anyone else’s. It will unfold naturally.

Your crystal helpmates are sure to find you!



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