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The Ancients recognized four basic elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

These four elements are still recognized in ritual magick. And it makes perfect sense that, because all things are interconnected, the elements work together toward common purposes.

But for now, let’s focus on each elements individual traits, as opposed to the seemingly infinite ways you can use them in combination with one another.

For this post we will turn our attention toward Earth

Earth is the foundation upon which all the other elements move. It is where we can watch life unfold and complete its natural cycle. It is here that we see birth, life, death, and rebirth. This cycle is not only experienced by humans, but by the planet as a whole.

As Pagans we observe Earth passing through this cycle via the turning of the wheel.

Her areas of power are abundance, strength, wealth, prosperity, stability, property, business, security, loyalty, and responsibility. She governs all things connected to business affairs and finances, as well as the physical body and health.

She carries the same nurturing and grounding qualities as the Goddess. She is innately connected to the five senses and promotes the derision of pleasure which comes from fully experiencing them.

Use Her to encourage endurance, promote a healthy libido, enhance stability, sway one to accept responsibility for their actions, and bring attention to one’s limitations.

Altar representations of this element should be on the north side, as this is the direction She is connected with.

She can be aptly represented by many objects. Dirt, stones, wood, stems, and leaves are all great choices. I have found that healing crystals and small plants are particularly pleasing to me. She can also be represented by the colors green or brown. Color is a great way to represent Her when you find yourself away from your altar and/or magickal supplies.

I find myself particularly drawn to rendezvousing with Her in places that are ‘womb-like’. A cave is the perfect example of this. I live in a rainforest climate, which cause the forests here to grow rapidly. This provides me with a plethora of places where coves form amongst the forest foliage. There is something innately comforting about these spaces. Still, the openness of a valley or field provides one with an expansive feeling and promotes its own special kind of magick.

As one who practices magick it is paramount to stay connected to the energy which surrounds you; making it invaluable to work with the four elements. We have the great fortune of joining forces with Nature and using the power created by this union to manifest our needs and desires.

I encourage you to become close friends with Earth. Get to know Her. Talk to Her. Listen to Her. Work together with Her to manifest the life of your dreams.

It is my opinion that the best way to get to know an element, in this case Earth, is to dedicate a 30 day block to the task. On each one of these days engage in an activity which exposes you to the element. Experience it fully. Journal your experience, particularly any insights it provides for you while you 'dance together'.

Here are a few ideas for ways to spend time with Earth to get you started …

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  • Grow a plant, indoors or out – get your hands in the dirt

  • Take one week and walk barefoot on the Earth each day

  • Lay on the Earth (naked if you can) and make full contact with Her

  • Hug a tree – it’s not just for hippies

  • Sit with a plant/tree/rock you feel drawn to and see what She has to say

I have no doubt that you will experience exponential growth from your 30 day journey with Earth.

She is consistent. She is faithful. She is stable. She is a pleasure seeker. Hold this amazing element in reverence my lovely Witches! She will serve you well. She is one of our faithful Ancient Allies!