At the change of each season our vibrational frequencies are altered. This phenomenon creates opportunities for personal growth. Our ability to effectively express ourselves is fine-tuned, and communication lines with other beings and dimensions are more active and easier to access at this time.

If one wants to learn to use the energies of the seasons to benefit themselves, they must first develop an understanding of what each one has to offer and how they can work in harmony with them. It takes some time and effort, but results in the ability to utilize the infallible power of the seasons to manifest one’s desires.

Looking to the patterns of Nature is the easiest way to understand what each season brings to us and expects from us.

Let’s take a look at what Nature shows us throughout the fall season …

This is when the animals begin preparing for the upcoming winter. They instinctively gather and store food to sustain themselves throughout the approaching foul weather. They know this must be done before resources begin to dwindle.

They also take measures to ensure their warmth throughout the winter. Animal ‘homes’ are built/prepared to protect and insulate residents from the cold.

In other words, they do what is needed to stay warm, cozy, comfy, and fed when temperatures drop and foul weather rolls in.

The plant kingdom also spends the fall season preparing for winter. Trees begin shedding their leaves and plants drop off their outer stems and blossoms. Some even dye back to their root systems. This will conserve nutrients and energy for them throughout the encroaching winter, as they will have less foliage to feed..

The material they shed falls to the ground around them and decomposes. The decomposition process results in healthier soil. This soil will be an ideal source of nutrition for the plant. It will support, strengthen, and nurture their future growth.


In light of the fact that we are called to follow the patterns Nature displays for us, it makes perfect sense that ...

The fall season is one of harvest for us as well. If you have the resources to can, freeze, and/or dry food for the winter months ahead, I highly recommend engaging in this activity. It is an edifying process which fosters our connection to Nature. AND provides wholesome sustenance for us during the winter months when fresh, vibrant, living food is less abundant.

Harvest will naturally begin to occur in other areas of our lives as well. Take a close look at those things in your life which are ripe and ready to be plucked. This can include spiritual, financial, emotional, or physical blessings. Keeping a journal will help you to quickly recognize these things. Look over the past year and you will see things which sit right at your fingertips ready for the taking.

Fall is also the perfect time to prepare your home for the winter season ahead. There is a sense of comfort which comes from this ‘nesting’ process. It is oh-so-good for the soul.

When winter arrives, most of us will be spending a great deal of time indoors. Prepare for it, just as the animals prepare their lairs, dens, etc.

Break out the cozy winter blankets and the big, fluffy pillows. Buy yourself some new candles and incense. Pick up a few of the books you’ve been intending to read. Head to the store and stock up on pampering supplies; lovely handmade soaps, a big box of epsom salt, or a spicy smelling bottle of bubble bath! Start a new course online; perhaps something Witchy 😉

Finally, this season is the perfect time to shed those things which no longer serve us. The plants are gracious enough to show us this through the shedding of foliage they undertake at this time. This process is definitely my favorite part of the season. My instinct to harvest and nest provide me with a deep sense of comfort, but cleaning up the unnecessary, unwanted, undesirable things in my life is rejuvenating for me. And BEST OF ALL, it makes room for new growth. I am all about new growth. We must clear out that which no longer serves us, to make way for that which will benefit us.  

So be ruthless about this Witches! If it doesn’t serve you – Drop it!

DO NOT hold on to anything in hopes that it will be of value to you in the future.

Remember that the material the plant kingdom drops to the forest floor is ultimately turned into sustenance for the future. As you shed the things in your life which do not have a valuable current function, they fall to the ground and feed your roots.

The Divine brings us the fall season to allow us the delight of the harvest, teach us the importance of maintaining space, and afford us the opportunity to free ourselves from dead weight.

Aligning with any season acts as a catalyst for entering the season to follow. Fall prepares us to receive the gifts of restoration & growth which are so easily accessed in winter.