Resin - Myrrh, 1oz


Resin - Myrrh, 1oz


Resins can be brought into your magical practice in many ways. They are highly suited for burning on charcoal disks. You can grind them into powders to create your own unique incense blends. This is especially nice because it provides you with the added bonus of infusing the intention of your work into the final product as you grind. You can place them in any space to infuse it with their metaphysical properties. Or you can simply carry them with you to bring their metaphysical properties with you on the go.

Myrrh resin carries the following properties …

  • Promotes introspection

  • Heals sorrow through exploration of the deeper emotions

  • Assists in connecting with the deceased

  • Nurtures the development of wisdom

  • Provides protection

  • Used to honor the dead

This listing is for a 1 oz package of myrrh resin. Chunk sizes in this package may vary.

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