Ahhhhhh! The new Moon phase of the Moon cycle!! My favorite of them all!!!

Before I tell you about the delightful attributes and magical power of our Lady Moon’s new Moon phase, let’s clear up any confusion you may have surrounding the difference between the dark Moon and the new Moon.

Throughout the dark Moon phase the Moon is not visible to us at all. She is seemingly missing. On a hiatus of sorts.

The new Moon phase comes directly after Her dark phase. At this point She is a slim, silvery sliver in the sky; lightly illuminating Mama Earth. Seemingly, easing into her work following her little mini-vacation.

Of course, She has not really been away. Lady Moon is too faithful to step away from Her duties 😉 She simply slips between the Earth and the Sun for a bit obtaining invisibility.

As She journeys out from this little spot in Her cycle and begins to wax (grow larger), She reappears to us as a tiny slice of her fully illuminated self. This is considered the new Moon.

Many refer to Her dark phase as the new Moon. You will see it portrayed this way on most calendars. Thus, the confusion I referred to earlier!

The dark Moon phase lasts for 3 days. This is a great time for casting spells to free yourself from unwanted things in your life. It is a very powerful Moon cycle and should be used to ‘destroy’ very serious things.

Think addiction, abuse, disease, and unwanted entities. You know, serious issues! Not stopping the daily calls from your mother-in-law!

This Moon phase is also the perfect time for those who are inclined to engage in a little seclusion. If you are needing a bit of hermitage to explore some ‘inner-terrain’, this is the time!

In recent years, I navigated my greatest life trauma. A time of hermitage was predicted for me, but I couldn’t really see how that was going to come to pass in my current circumstances. I let go of the idea and continued on. Getting through each day was difficult enough. I certainly didn’t have the energy to try to carve out time for myself.

Within 6 months, I found myself living in a very small space, on the side of a mountain, in a rather remote area of northern CA. While it wasn’t a comfortable, peaceful seclusion, as I had imagined when I heard the word hermitage, it had indeed arrived, LOL!

The dark Moon and I developed a very intimate relationship throughout this time. She was eager to help me work my way through devastating circumstances. There was plenty to unearth and banish from my life, and She did not shy away from the task!

I find Her dark phase the easiest to work with. Likely because I can often be a bit of an introvert. BUT, make no mistake it is the new Moon phase which excites me most.

This phase of Her cycle is used to incite everything new; new beginnings, new relationships, and new endeavors. Use this energy to plant seeds of new ideas, track down that dream job you desire, or find an exciting new relationship.

If you need a new place to live, call on the new Moon. If you want to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure, call on the new Moon. If you are redecorating a room or designing a new landscaping plan for your property, call on the new Moon.

All of this sounds great, right? New beginnings, a better job, a new relationship. Everyone wants these things, don’t they?

I can literally see everyone getting excited as I ask those questions; raising their hands and wiggling in their seats.

As they should!

But these are not the reasons I am in love with the new Moon. Not at all.

The main draw for me to new Moon energy is that it will help you discover what is best for you. What will truly benefit you. What you need MOST.

Lady Moon knows more about your desires than you can ever hope to. She understands ALL that has the potential to manifest in your life, and She sees the full spectrum of the consequences those manifestations may possibly perpetuate.

She realizes that which we humans most often overlook. Our DEEPEST desires, the things that will truly satisfy us, bring exceeding abundance to us, and have a lasting positive effect on our lives, rarely reside in our conscious mind.

These things reside in the very depths of our being. And it can be more than a little bit difficult to bring them to the surface.

So … we work toward all the wrong things. Accomplishing all the wrong results. And wish we ‘had known then what we know now’!

Lady Moon knows. ALWAYS!

I use Her energy to work toward specific goals. Of course, I do! Each and every new Moon cycle I put out intentions for things related to new beginnings both large and small.

AND THEN … I sit with Her. Just Her and I. And I listen.

I listen to what She has to say about my life. I listen for what She wants to bring to me. I listen without imposing my own thoughts and desires into the flow of inspiration She provides me.

This ‘dance’ that we engage in, Lady Moon and I, is the reason I anticipate the arrival of the new Moon phase with such fervor. This ‘dance’ feeds my soul and restores my resolve. It is priceless!

She is priceless. She is faithful. She longs to show you how much you are loved.

Learn all that you can from her my lovely Witches! She is one of our faithful Ancient Allies!