Female Genital Candle - Black


Female Genital Candle - Black


The female genital candle is a representation of the Goddess (feminine energy). It can be used in your magickal rituals to invoke this energy and bring it into your workings.

Female genital candles are typically used to manipulate, enhance and control an individuals sexual nature. Perhaps to ensure sexual fidelity, attract a new sexual partner, arouse passion, or attract a sexual encounter.

Fertility spells have long been associated with these candles.

Following is a list of the color correspondences for candle magick to assist you in choosing the product that is right for your work …

  • White ~ protection, healing, cleansing, blessing, all-purpose

  • Yellow ~ creativity, communication, compelling

  • Pink ~ romance, friendship, happiness

  • Orange ~ employment, activation, stimulation

  • Red ~ health, passion, lust, strength, love

  • Purple ~ power, success, independence, spirits

  • Brown ~ friendship, law, stability, order

  • Blue ~ truth, justice, mental health, wisdom, wishes

  • Green ~ abundance, physical health, luck, prosperity

  • Black ~ banishing, binding, protecting, cursing

This listing is for a black candle in the shape of female genitals.

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