Smudge Stick - Sage & Lavender, 5"


Smudge Stick - Sage & Lavender, 5"


Stagnant energy can impede the emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, and physical body. As well as physical spaces, such as your home, workplace, or even your yard. It can have detrimental effects. Ranging from light melancholy to deep depression. It can cause erratic behavior, nervousness, and even violence. And it can manifest itself in physical illness as well.

Smudging is an ancient practice found in the roots of many cultures throughout the world. The goal of this practice is to remove any energy from a person, place, or thing which is not in line with its highest intentions . And replace it with positive, vibrant energy which will serve its best interests. It invites our ancestors to come and commune in clean space with us as well.

Many materials are used for this ancient practice. They vary from region to region. And also carry individual properties with them in addition to space clearing.

This listing is for a 5” smudge stick made of sage.

Sage makes a great purifier and is likely the most popular choice for smudging material in modern alternative healing practice. It is believed to boost cognition, and energy. It can improve sleep. It relieves stress and carries antimicrobial properties which can alleviate reactions to dust, pollen, and pet dander.

Lavender lends a very deep calming energy and a lovely sense of peace to any space. It is the perfect addition to sage when smudging a meditation room, bedroom, child’s room, or reading nook. It can also serve as a very helpful ally for toning down the tension in a stressful home or work environment.

AND it just plain smells good!

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