At the change of each season our vibrational frequencies are altered. This phenomenon creates opportunities for personal growth. Our ability to effectively express ourselves is fine-tuned, and communication lines with other beings and dimensions are more active and easier to access at this time.

If one wants to learn to use the energies of the seasons to benefit themselves, they must first develop an understanding of what each one has to offer and how they can work in harmony with them. It takes some time and effort, but results in the ability to utilize the infallible power of the seasons to manifest one’s desires.

Looking to the patterns of Nature is the easiest way to understand what each season brings to us and expects from us.

Let’s take a look at what Nature shows us throughout the spring season …

Animals become more active now. They emerge from their winter havens and begin to prepare their homes for the young to be birthed this season. They experience a ‘coming forth’ as it were.

I so clearly remember listening to the gleeful chirping of the red-breasted robin as a child. Where I grew up, this was one of the first signs spring had arrived. These gorgeous little creatures chirped on all day long. If the day was warm and bright, they were singing joyfully. Their song imparted a great sense of delight at the coming of the spring season to all who heard it. The pleasure they took in ushering her in could be felt as deep as your bones.

Plants begin to resurrect in this season as well. Seeds entering their first season here on this amazing Earth, vigorously sprout forth. Tree sap accelerates its flow, amping up the energy of these mighty plant giants. And tiny buds form on their branches, each one holding the promise of a strikingly beautiful bloom.

Little signs of life begin popping up everywhere. As we observe Nature’s ‘arising’ it fills us with anticipation. We are instinctively aware of her pattern and know that we too will blossom this season. Great, revitalizing, and vibrant things are coming our way!


In light of the fact that we are called to follow the patterns Nature displays for us, it makes perfect sense that ...

Just as the animals prepare their homes for new birth so should we. There may or may not be children arriving in our home for the spring season but there will certainly be new birth. All of the spiritual cleansing and growth we experienced throughout the winter is anxiously awaiting this time to show off.

Clearing and cleaning your space will help set the stage for this to happen. This simple act is a powerful transformation tool. A clear, clean, organized space allows the energy within it to flow freely. It prevents stagnation. Your mind will follow suit as it will naturally align with its surroundings. As without, so within.

This is the time to initiate new endeavors and manifest opportunities in your life. It is the time to reorganize and bring fresh, new order to your world.

Spring energy is an outstanding tool for spiritual growth. It helps us assert our efforts and carry out the tasks we are being called to by Spirit. It is the perfect time to fertilize the seeds we planted in the autumn. They will sprout and arise into a whole new state of power as they are touched by the energy of spring. They have been refined and are eager to manifest in their full glory!

Spring is when we do what we can in the physical realm to help our magick along its way.

It is the time to reap the benefits of the work you have done in the previous two seasons!

SEIZE the opportunity! AND milk it for all it’s worth!

Squeeze out every last drop of transformation which occurred throughout the winter and birth it forth into this season Witches!

The time is NIGH!

The Divine brings us the spring season to allow us the opportunity to transform our body, mind, and soul for the better, to clear our minds and our physical space, and to catapult our spiritual growth, bringing us closer to our ultimate goal of self-actualization.

Aligning with any season acts as a catalyst for entering the season to follow. Spring prepares us to receive the gifts of fruition & relationship which are so easily accessed in summer.