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At the change of each season our vibrational frequencies are altered. This phenomenon creates opportunities for personal growth. Our ability to effectively express ourselves is fine-tuned, and communication lines with other beings and dimensions are more active and easier to access at this time.

If one wants to learn to use the energies of the seasons to benefit themselves, they must first develop an understanding of what each one has to offer and how they can work in harmony with them. It takes some time and effort, but results in the ability to utilize the infallible power of the seasons to manifest one’s desires.

Looking to the patterns of Nature is the easiest way to understand what each season brings to us and expects from us.

Let’s take a look at what Nature shows us throughout the summer season …

The young of the animal kingdom grow and develop their strength at this time. They spend most of their days playing in the sun. It is a carefree life they lead on these gloriously sunny days. Exploring meadows, rivers, and caves. They allow their curiosity to run wild. And while it all appears to be nothing but play, they are learning valuable life skills as they frolic. These skills will serve them well in the years to come.

Adult animals are busy feeding and guarding these ‘animal littles’ as they grow. They work tirelessly from morning till night making sure their young stay out of harm’s way, as they navigate this world which is so very new to them. Somehow the work doesn’t seem quite as hard as it might if it were not for the summer sun. But in this season of high energy, they still have enough chutzpah left at the end of a busy day to romp a bit with their young before they lay to rest.

Flowers are in full bloom. They are showy and tall. They stand proud in all of their glorious summer regalia. Trees are fully clothed as well. They reach out toward the sky absorbing the energy so generously shown down on them from above.

Plant life reaches its full maturity at this time. Seeds planted in both the fall and the spring come to full fruition. The summer provides us with the bounty that we harvest with such gratitude in the fall.


In light of the fact that we are called to follow the patterns Nature displays for us, it makes perfect sense that ...

It will serve us well to stay busy throughout this powerful season. We should focus all of our energy into growing, developing, playing, and exploring as members of the animal kingdom do.

It is in this season that we will reach a new level of maturity. Like the plants, we will stand taller than ever before. We will attain a ‘new status’ in our world. Seeds that we planted in our lives the previous fall and spring seasons will come to full fruition.

We too are preparing ourselves for the upcoming harvest. The energy of the world is perfectly attuned to work with us toward this purpose in the summer season. Flow with it!

All of the forces of Nature are culminating. The spiritual, mental, astral, and etheric planes of life are aligned with the physical world. And ALL of that power is available to you. Yes all of it! Yes available!

Ascension to a new form of life expression is ours for the taking. Working with the energy which Nature provides for us at this time will result in tremendous illumination.

Reach for the stars during this season Witches! The possibilities are LIMITLESS!

Dream your wildest dreams …

AND THEN watch them unfold right before your very eyes.

If you believe it with all of your being …

Summer will bring it into the physical plane, for sure 😉

The Divine brings us the summer season to allow us to see the many reasons to celebrate our relationships, illuminate the heights within our reach as we attain fruition, and open our eyes to see the paths available to us for the next steps of our journey.

Aligning with any season acts as a catalyst for entering the season to follow. Summer prepares us to receive the gifts of harvest & self-care which are so easily accessed in fall.