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At the change of each season our vibrational frequencies are altered. This phenomenon creates opportunities for personal growth. Our ability to effectively express ourselves is fine-tuned, and communication lines with other beings and dimensions are more active and easier to access at this time.

If one wants to learn to use the energies of the seasons to benefit themselves, they must first develop an understanding of what each one has to offer and how they can work in harmony with them. It takes some time and effort, but results in the ability to utilize the infallible power of the seasons to manifest one’s desires.

Looking to the patterns of Nature is the easiest way to understand what each season brings to us and expects from us.

Let’s take a look at what Nature shows us throughout the winter season …

Both plants and animals enter a ‘hunkering down’ phase in the winter. Water can be difficult for them to find and food is in short supply. Metabolisms adjust to conserve energy. Activity slows considerably. They have spent the previous season preparing for this time and now they are free to rest. And they do. They simply let the world around them carry on, as they wait for the harshness of winter to pass and the warmth of the spring sun to shine on them once again.

Plants have spread seed which will sit seemingly lifeless throughout this season. But inside the outer shell of these little dynamos there is a slow, steady evolution occurring. They are working behind the scenes to prepare for the coming spring. They will be ready to emerge into this world when the season changes and the soil warms.


In light of the fact that we are called to follow the patterns Nature displays for us, it makes perfect sense that ...

Winter is a time for us to slow down, cultivate patience, explore our inner world, and foster our spiritual growth. We are called to kindle our inner light as the days grow shorter and the darkness reigns. Like the plant and animal kingdom, we will serve ourselves best by ‘hunkering down’ and conserving energy.

It is the perfect time to feed and nurture the seeds we planted in our lives in the preceding season. Just as the seeds of the plant kingdom lie ‘dormant’ and allow their inner selves to flourish, so shall we. Winter causes us to evolve in the most spectacular way. It provides us with an opportunity to increase our knowledge. So grab a good book, watch a great documentary, or immerse yourself in a course you’ve been meaning to take for some time now.

This time of year is perfectly designed for us to tap into our deepest magickal selves. It provides exactly the right energetic atmosphere for spiritual growth.

It is time to work on the inner you. Mindfully walk through your days really seeing the people, places, and things they consist of. Then begin molding them into the life of your deepest desire through the magick of your intention. If there is something obvious that can be done in the physical realm to make a change, by all means do it. It would be foolish not to. BUT keep your primary focus on your inner self. Your thoughts and emotions. Use winter to sculpt them and develop the power that comes from their improved form.

Winter changes us from the inside out. Just as the animal and plant kingdoms model for us, we too burst forth into a brand new world as we feel those first warm rays of sun in the spring.

Use this season to your FULL advantage Witches! Its gifts are priceless.

More valuable than the rarest gem. Sweeter than a freshly harvested jar of honey. More satisfying than the touch of a long lost lover.

A yearly opportunity to intimately dance with Nature! A gift worthy of kings and queens.

So …

Rest & Restore.

Seek & Develop.

The Divine brings us the winter season to allow us the rejuvenation of physical rest, teach us the importance of exercising patience, and afford us the opportunity to experience a spiritual growth spurt.

Aligning with any season acts as a catalyst for entering the season to follow. Winter prepares us to receive the gifts of rebirth & strength which are so easily accessed in spring.