Witchcraft 101

Welcome to the Witchcraft 101 Course created by the Ancient Allies Witch.

This course will cover 6 topics that all Witches should be familiar with.
It is designed for those who are new to the Craft. But certainly does not exclude those who have practiced for some time.

If you find yourself here it is because you have purchased this course via the Ancient Allies website. That purchase entitles you to free access to the Ancient Allies Witch’s council concerning course material for 6 months following your purchase date. Questions, comments, and concerns brought to my attention (I’m the Witch!) about the course will be addressed twice weekly. You can email them to AncientAlliesBlog@gmail.com anytime. They will be reviewed and responded to on Mondays & Thursdays before days end. Assuring you guaranteed access to a response by the Tuesday or Friday most closely following your inquiry. Keeping to this schedule is done simply to allow appropriate time for me to give you a well thought out and therefore adequate response. As opposed to quickly throwing together responses when life has me on the fly!

Your presence here is greatly appreciated! And I would like for you to be aware from the start of our relationship that I do not find any question or concern too ‘simple’. The learning process is different for each person and I am a firm believer in asking a question that may feel ‘silly’ to one is better than to leave it unanswered. This is even more true of The Craft. There is a plethora of information out there which can be both confusing and misleading to ‘Witchlings’. It is better to clear up any misunderstanding or lack of knowledge from the onset. Rather than allow a misconception to cloud the learning process.


You should also be aware that due to the highly personal aspect of practicing Witchcraft I am only able to provide information from my perspective. I practice according to my own terms, as I believe you should. And also as I recognize others do. Therefore, because all course material has been written by me it is a reflection of my beliefs, morals, and value system. All interaction between myself and the purchaser of this course is also a reflection of my personal views. It is up to you to choose which information resonates with your inner-being! You should take ALL that you can from the material/interaction provided, as it has been created in good conscious. With an effort to assist my Brothers and Sisters in the Craft along their journey in a positive manner. But if there is something you completely disagree with then by all means leave it behind. It is clearly not meant for you. And you should not carry anything along with you on your journey that does not belong.

With all of that said I suppose we should get started …

Below you will find a series of links to each section of the course. They have a brief description of their content with them as well. This description is not meant to encourage you to jump forward in the course. It is there to raise your excitement about what lies ahead of you. Of course, I can’t stop you from jumping ahead. That is outside of my control. But I STRONGLY advise you to be patient and stay on course! As the material is designed in a ‘building block’ type structure. Lesson 2 will speak of things you learned in lesson 1 as though you already know them. If you have skipped ahead you will be missing the knowledge you need to understand.